French MX2 factory Husqvarna star Romain Febvre has stated that he’d like to stick with the brand and race a FC350 in the 2015 FIM Motocross World Championship. The 23-year-old has given the marque two podium results – their sole trophies since a return to MXGP under the banner of the Pierer Group – this season from the confines of Jacky Martens’ Belgian factory set-up but has to move to the MXGP category next year due to his age.

“For sure one part of my mind is thinking about 2015 but not too much because I don’t want to put extra pressure on myself,” he said. “If I can finish in the top three in MX2 then I will have good options for next year.”

Febvre is a former European Champion who is regularly in the leading group of MX2 motos along with the likes of defending number one Jeffrey Herlings, Arnaud Tonus, Jordi Tixier, Glenn Coldenhoff and Dylan Ferrandis.


He is currently third in the standings and one of the prominent racers on the Grand Prix market seeking an MXGP saddle. Febvre burst to the higher echelons of the sport last season with two podium finishes in the first two rounds until he suffered a broken leg. This year he is Husqvarna’s best performer throughout their motocross line-up and hopes he might be able to stay ‘white’ with a jump into the IceOne MXGP team for 2015 where a 350 would be a realistic route.

“I want a factory bike and I hope I can stay on the Husqvarna because I really like the motorcycle,” he commented. “It depends on the team but if I can stay here then the 350 for me would be the way to go. I think the 450 has too much power. I rode the German Championship a few years ago with the 350 so I’m sure I can do well with this type of bike. With some other teams I don’t have a choice [taking a 450] but I’m sure with some tests and work we can get it right for me.”

With the 2014 campaign approaching the halfway mark and contracts already being offered Febvre knows a decision has to be made soon. He still hasn’t discounted plying his trade in another series. “Confirming a contract as quick as possible would be great,” he mentioned. “It is hard because there are quite a few riders who have to move into MXGP and not so many places. If there are not so many options or a choice that I like then the USA is another way because I can stay on the 250 there. It is possible but I want to look first at MXGP.”