In an incident on the opening lap of the second race of the MXGP of Italy, Evgeny Bobryshev was hit from behind in the third corner. His left leg took the impact, and he suffered a broken tibia and fibula.

He was immediately taken to hospital in Borgomanero where a break was diagnosed in three places and the leg was stabilised in position. Bobryshev was then transported by car overnight back to Belgium where he underwent surgery with Doctor Claes on Monday.

The surgery was successful and Bobryshev has had a pin inserted into the left leg to support the bones. He will revisit Dr Claes ten days after his operation whereupon the recovery period will become clearer.


“I left the hospital in Italy on Sunday night to be driven back to Belgium and they put me in a long cast, but I could still feel the bones moving when I turned so it was a painful journey,” said Bobryshev. “I saw Dr Claes Monday morning, and on Monday evening I had the operation.

“Both the tibia and fibula are broken, in a total of three places. They put a large pin in my leg from just below the knee to the ankle and screwed the bones to that. I stayed in hospital in Belgium until Wednesday when I was able to return home. I have a lot of pain now though so have to take painkillers and can’t sleep much.

“I have to go back in ten days to see Dr Claes when he will remove my cast and replace it with a light cast and then I can start a little rehab like movements with the ankle. He will also do another exam and then he’ll tell me exactly when I can start training again, but he says it’s six weeks for the fibula to heal up, and slightly longer for the tibia.

“There’s nothing more I can say. I’m beyond frustrated for this to happen, when it wasn’t my fault, just as everything was coming back again and I was able to ride without pain. It’s so disappointing for me, and also for Team HRC and for the MXGP fans.”

With the time needed to recover from the injuries there is a slim chance he could make the last GP of the season in Mexico but we think this could be the end of the season for the popular Russian pilot. And if that is the case we may have seen Bobryshev on a Factory Honda for the last time.