Italian MotoGP star Danilo Petrucci wants to try his hand at the Dakar Rally once his track racing career is over.

Petrucci could retire from the premier class of racing at the end of this year and rather than go to World Superbikes, he will head for the desert.

“First of all, I want to be competitive with KTM and continue as long as I can with them because they really gave me a big opportunity,” Petrucci said.


“Then, in the other hand – this is my biggest pro and my biggest disadvantage, to be always honest – let’s say I’m the first to understand if I’m not competitive anymore, I’m not having fun and it’s not good for me and not good for KTM.

“So, I haven’t talked with no one in MotoGP because if I continue in MotoGP, I want to stay in KTM.

“Then, I have no talks with Superbikes because maybe the problem is even bigger for me regarding the size and the weight. It’s not a thing that I want to try

“A thing that I’ve wanted to try for a long time is completely switch, as my career has been unique, I want to go to rally and I want to try them because I’m quite good on off-road.

“I already tried to navigate and let’s say if I cannot go faster, at least I can go longer. I want to try, I’m quite old for MotoGP but not for moto rally and I still have time to learn.”