With the team’s change of manufacturer to Yamaha, RICH Energy OMG Racing’s entry into the 2022
Dakar has been delayed until 2023.

It was a difficult decision but one that was necessary for both the team and rider, James Hillier. After success in the Rally of Andalucía earlier in the year the saw Hillier and his crew qualify for the Dakar at their first attempt, all eyes now turn to 2023 and the challenge to be best newcomer in the desert.

Speaking in Cartagena at the recent RICH Energy OMG Racing test, Hillier said, “While it’s unfortunate for the team and I not to be competing at the upcoming Dakar after the success we had in the summer, it’s absolutely the right decision.”


“Manufacturer choice is important and I’ve every confidence that we will be even stronger because of it, and I can’t wait to get out on the new bike.”

Team Principal, Paul Curran added, “When we came up with the plan to do the Dakar, the manufacturer change for 2022 wasn’t even on our radar, that decision came much later in the season. Any change of manufacturer has an impact on other events and this one is no different so while it’s disappointing not to be lining up in Saudi Arabia in January, it means we have extra time to get James more experience. We’re really looking forward to further events in 2022 and to the 2023