Red Bull KTM’s Toby Price took advantage of tracks made by Kevin Benavides and Jose Cornejo to achieve seventh best time on stage six of Dakar 2021.

The two-time winner has reinforced his position as leader of the overall standings on the rest day, a little more than two minutes ahead of Benavides with Cornejo in third.

“Today they cut 100 kilometres out of the stage, so it definitely helped us a little bit there, because we were tired at the end, but these two boys behind me, they led out all day and were absolutely on fire, the pace was crazy,” said Price.


“Big credit to those boys. They led the whole day, so it’s pretty damned wild. We’re at rest day now, so this is the main thing. We’ll try and re-gather ourselves back up and cruise along. Like I said, the boys put the pace down today and Kevin and Nacho did a great job. It’s been a mixed bag of everything really, so it’s been up and down everywhere.

“All in all, we’re still in the fight, we’re still there in the race. Anything can happen, there’s a long way to go. We’re looking forward to week two already. I think yesterday was our worst moment, but also probably the best moment. I finished in a pretty good spot, but for the navigation I was quite disappointed with myself yesterday. We made a lot of mistakes.

“We’re still in the race, like I said, but we need to clean those things up a little bit and then we should be good to go. Everything is good, the bike is good. I had one little crash there today just coming out of a corner and broke a shroud, but other than that, everything with the bike has been really good this week.

“Yesterday we had a brake pedal come off, but nothing major. Everything is good and hopefully the bike will get us through the second week.”