Monster Yamaha’s Jamie McCanney suffered a double GPS failure on the opening Dakar 2021 stage which left him down in 19th place.

With the GPS issue solved just moments before he began the special stage, he then caught up to a group of riders ahead of him.

To avoid riding in their dust, he made multiple attempts to break free but then made a few mistakes, unravelling all of his hard work.


“I didn’t have the best start to the rally and this was before any riding had even happened. At the start of the stage I had an issue with my GPS so I quickly returned to the bivouac for another one,” said McCanney.

“That also had a problem so I then had no choice but to follow someone to the start of the special and collect a new GPS there.

“It was a little unsettling but once I was out riding everything was good and I quickly caught up to a few riders and we were in a bit of a group.

“I struggled a bit to break away from them which was a little frustrating. Plenty of action on day one with a lot going on so hopefully tomorrow will go a bit smoother.”