Coming to the final round of the French Elite series leading both the French MX2 class and the ‘Internationaux de France’, Dylan Ferrandis got both titles with team Rockstar Bud Racing Kawasaki.

Not always rewarded in the past for his investment in the French Elite series, Dylan had a perfect season this year and claimed the title one year after his team-mate Valentin Teillet – who had surgery to his shoulder this Monday – in the MX2 class.

But Dylan did even better as he also got the “Internationaux de France” title against the best 450 riders. It’s the first time in the history that a MX2 rider beats the MX1, and for Kawasaki it’s another MX2 French title, the ninth one since 2002!


With heavy rain all week there was weather alert in the area of Toulouse, but luckily there was some sun on the track on Sunday and even if it was muddy the conditions didn’t affect the races. The fastest rider in his qualifying group as usual, Dylan had new rivals this weekend in Maxime Desprey and Valentin Guillod who came to this final round of the MX2 class.

Both Maxime and Valentin challenged Dylan for the win in the first race; Dylan moved up to second by passing Maxime and later in the race he overtook Valentin. With this win Dylan secured his MX2 title.

The new Champion said: “I’m delighted with this MX2 title, and even more with the ‘Internationaux de France’ win. It was a great day, and a nice reward for our involvement in this series. I was not really stressed when I saw the muddy track, I was cool and for sure that helped me to do some good races.

Ferrandis added: “In the MX2 class I had a lot of fun racing with Maxime and Valentin, I think that we offered some good show to the crowd and winning after these battles was even better! In the Super final I was lucky that some MX1 riders made mistakes, I must say that the team prepared a very fast 250 Kawasaki and I want to thank the Bud racing staff and my mechanics. Now my goal is to come closer to some GP podium’s, I was not so lucky in the previous GPs and I expect some good results on our ‘home track’ in Ernee, where the fans will be there supporting us.”