International Dutch Supercross was due to take place this October at the Eurohal Zuidbroek in the Netherlands, but due to the on going Pandemic, they have been forced to cancel this years event.

Originally the event was well underway to go ahead, but due to the on going Covid-19 issues the world is facing, the decision has been made to cancel the event for another year. The organisers have released the update below via there social media.

“Dear sponsors, teams and motocross enthusiasts,”


“After we cancelled our event last year, we didn’t sit still. We have expanded our board with Ninah Rosema. Ninah has studied event management and is a huge asset to us, she looks at the event with a fresh young look and that is what we need. With the thought that the Corona pandemic would be under control next year, we started organizing. The 10th edition should be a special one.”

“Unfortunately, it now appears that the Coronavirus is still part of our lives. In June we were still enthusiastic. Everything opened in the Netherlands, we started ticket sales and riders could register. However, in July everything was locked again, the infections increased rapidly. The government set up a guarantee fund for events and we signed up for it. After 6 weeks we were told that we are eligible for this. Good news!”

“The bad news is that we will not be certain until September 20 whether our event can continue. There will be another press conference at the end of September. We only have 6 weeks left. We have tried everything, we have stayed positive until the last moment but we are sorry that we have to conclude that it is too late for us.”

“We will skip this year and focus on next year October 28, 29 and 30, 2022. The riders, spectators who have bought tickets, will receive the money back this week on their account.”

PC – Bart Amsing