Arnaud Tonus and Brad Anderson wrap up the Maxxis titles a round early in Duns…

The Maxxis heads north of the border for round seven where it’s business as normal for series leaders Brad Anderson and Arnaud Tonus who take maximum points on their way to wrapping up the championship titles a round early.



While Kristian Whatley does his best to better Ando, at the end of the day the PAR Honda rider proves to be just too strong and takes all three motos in fine style. Whatley rounds out the day second overall with a 3-2-2 while comeback kid Billy MacKenzie rounds out the podium courtesy of a 2-3-3.


It’s a topsy turvy day in the MX2 class for everyone bar Tonus who kicks butt in all three to take the title. Jake Nicholls ends the day second overall with a 5-2-4 scorecard while super privateer Nev Bradshaw takes third with an 8-3-3. Mattis Karro is lucky to escape serious injury as a trip into the back of Elliott Banks-Browne over a jump in moto three ends in disaster – the resulting carnage also brings down Mel Pocock who has nowhere to go on the TAS Suzuki.


A special mention has to go out to Irn Bry MacKenzie who would have been second overall if he hadn’t damaged his cooling system in a rut in the second moto – a 3-dnf-2 scorecard still gives him sixth overall but it could have been so much more for the local Lex Luthor lookalike.


Hawkstone’s up next in early October – we’ll see you there!



1 Brad Anderson 25+25+25=75

2 Kristian Whatley 20+22+22=64

3 Billy MacKenzie 22+20=20=62

4 Martin Barr 18+16+15=49

5 Tom Church 8+18+18=44

6 Gert Krestinov 14+15+14=43



1 Arnaud Tonus 25+25+25=75

2 Jake Nicholls 16+22=18=56

3 Neville Bradshaw 13+20+20=53

4 Elliott Banks-Browne 22+15+16=53

5 Mel Pocock 14+16+15=45

6 Bryan MacKenzie 20+0+22=42


Series standings


1 Anderson 453 points (champion), 2 Whatley 375, 3 Barr 357, 4 Krestinov 281, 5 Church 280, 6 Snow 273



1 Tonus 470 (champion), 2 Banks-Browne 384, 3 Osborne 323, 4 Pocock 301, 5 MacKenzie 272, 6 Nicholls 241