Red Bull KTM Factory rider Ryan Dungey picked up a podium second at Anaheim 2 for his best yet result in the 2015 AMA Supercross series.

Dungey topped the leaderboard in the early afternoon practice sessions to advance to a top qualifying spot in the night show. He was second at the start of his qualifying heat and moved into the lead during the opening lap. Once out front he pulled away from the field and went on to pick up the heat win.

His team-mate, Dean Wilson, was placed in the second heat race. He got a fifth place start but was unable to move into the top four and missed transferring to the Main Event by one spot. Wilson then had to contest the second semi race where he went on to finish third to secure his Main start.


When the gate dropped for the Main Event, Dungey was seventh but Wilson had a bad jump and was near the tail end of the pack. Dungey quickly clicked off fast lap times and was up to fourth by the second lap of the race. He then pressured Chad Reed for a podium spot and advanced to third position one lap later. Another lap on he slipped by Davi Millsaps and advanced to second place.

Dungey spent the remaining laps chasing down the lead rider but ran out of time to close the gap and crossed the line in second. Wilson also earned his best finish of the season with an eighth place finish.

“I know I still have some work to do, but I was a lot happier with this result,” stated Dungey. “I’m happy to be on the podium and one step closer to that top spot.” Dungey is second in the points standings behind Ken Roczen and he now has a nine-point lead over Jason Anderson in third place. Dungey and Wilson ride the KTM 450 SX-F.

Solid night for KTM’s Justin Hill in 250-class West Coast Series

It was also a solid night for Red Bull KTM Factory rider Justin Hill in the third round of the 250-class West Coast Series who picked up an impressive podium third.

Hill looked strong throughout the early afternoon qualifying sessions where he was fifth fastest to pick up a great gate pick in his heat race. He was fifth at the start and advanced to third at the close of the first lap.

He lost a spot to Tyler Bowers on the second lap but regained his position when he passed Zach Osborne one lap later. He went on the finish third to advance to the Main Event.

Hill was in sixth place at the start of the Main and had moved up to fourth place two laps later. Then Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/Red Bull/KTM rider Jessy Nelson crashed while in the lead and Hill advanced to third.

He was briefly in second place after capitalising on a mistake by Chris Alldredge but was not able to hold off a hard charging Cooper Webb. Hill hung onto third throughout the final five laps to secure his podium spot. Nelson went on to finish sixth. Nelson is second in the points just four behind leader Cody Webb and Hill has now moved up to fifth place, just one point shy of Zach Osborne in fourth.

“I am making progress every weekend and getting stronger each race,” stated Hill. “I felt really good today and feel I am getting closer to working toward my first win. I am grateful to my team for all of their support and looking forward to the next round in Oakland.” Hill is riding the KTM 250 SX-F.

AMA SX Rd. 3 (Anaheim 2) at Angel Stadium 

450-class Rd. 3
1, Ken Roczen 25
2, Ryan Dungey, KTM 22
3, Eli Tomac, 20
4, Justin Barcia 18
5, Broc Tickle, 16
6, Cole Seely 15
7, Jason Anderson, 14
8, Dean Wilson, KTM, 13
9, David Milsaps, 12
10, Blake Baggett, 11
13, Kyle Chisholm, KTM 8
DNF Andrew Short, KTM 1 
450-class points after Rd. 3
1, Roczen 72
2, Dungey KTM 60
3, Anderson, 51
4, Tomac, 46
5, Canard 43
6, Barcia 43
7, Tickle 38
8, Peick 32
9, Short KTM 31
10, Milsaps, 30
12, Wilson, KTM, 23
19, Chisholm, KTM, 8 
250-class West Coast Series Rd. 3
1, Cooper Webb 25
2, Tyler Bowers, 22
3, Justin Hill, KTM 20
4 Zach Osborne, 18
5, Malcolm Stewart, 26
6, Jessy Nelson, KTM 15
7, Joshua Hansen, 14
8, Thomas Hahn, 12
10, Shane Mcelrath, KTM, 6
15, Landen Powell, KTM 6
250-class West Coast points after Rd. 3
1, Webb, 64
2, Nelson, KTM 60
3, Bowers 60
4, Osborne, 54
5, Hill, KTM 53
6, Aaron Plessinger, 40
7, Stewart, 39
8, Mcelrath KTM 39
9, Hansen 34
10, Hahn, 30