In the third and final part of our Ryan Dungey trilogy, Ryan explains how he’s motivated to win again and increase the profile of motocross in the mainstream media…

After clinching the 2015 AMA 450cc National Championship – and with a contract for two more years of racing in-hand – Dungey is motivated to win another as he is yet to successfully defend a championship. He wants to change that in 2016.

“Now, to be in the position we are, to back it up…” Dungey said. “It’s a new season. It’ll be a new shot. Hopefully we’re all healthy and 100 per cent. To back that up, I haven’t done that yet and that’ll be my next goal. That motivates me. It doesn’t add pressure.


“Every time I get out there I’m going to give it my best. My best is going to be my best and I’ll be happy with that, like I’ve always been. It would be great to win championships, but also keep winning races, too.

“Ultimately, when it’s all said and done, just being satisfied with the effort that I put out there is important to me. I’d like to take a leadership role in our sport and try to do more for our sport.

“Obviously, the TV packages, everything is getting better. I think this year was a big step. And not to bring it up, but the ESPYs [an ESPN sports award that Dungey won this year], that’s mainstream stuff – and not just for me, but for the whole sport. For people to recognize that, I think it’s important.

“Our sport is climbing and it’s increasing and getting more views and people are watching from all kinds of sports. So if we can keep doing all of our jobs like we are, I think our sport has a lot of potential ahead.”

And like he said, that’s potentially good for everybody, not just him.