Matteo Guadagnini has accused Michele Cervellin of going against the spirit of motocross to win the Italian championship.

At the final round of the season, Cervellin (#747) lined up left of Guadagnini (#101) and Alberto Forato (#303) was on Guadagnini’s right. When the gate dropped Cervellin appears to move over on Guadagnini, leaving Guadagnini and Forato nowhere to go. Guadagnini went down and Forato smashed into the fencing.

The moment cost Guadagnini any chance of the title and he was not happy about how it played out. “Win like that or lose fair,” asked Guadagnini on Instagram. “Choice for me and many others but unfortunately not for everyone. Well, what to say, to have reached the last heat of the year at the head of the championship was already a victory, but to make me lose in this way is really shameful, unfair and against the spirit of the MOTOCROSS. Then made by a “friend” and my point of reference until a few years ago even worse. THANKS TO EVERYONE in any case.”


What do you make of this one? Flick through the images on the Instagram post below and watch the video. Fair or foul, let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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