Following on from the recent announcement that DEP Pipes will support the British Sprint Enduro championship, DEP are pleased to announce that they are also getting behind the GT Cup.

The ACU sanctioned youth national championship has grown and improved in the past couple of years and is very much supportive of grass roots motocross. DEP recognise that and therefore are keen to be involved for that very reason.

“They’re doing a good job” says DEP boss Craig Elwell. “It’s a good series that has progressed well and really does cater for the club level racer wanting to go up to national level. It’s a good stepping stone and helps develop riders in the UK and I like that because not every racer adapts to the major youth nationals straight away and not every parent can afford too make that step either. The GT Cup makes the step a little easier. That’s why I’m happy we’re getting involved and doing spot prizes for everyone.”


At each of the seven rounds of the GT Cup one racer will be awarded a £200 DEP voucher and it won’t necessarily be the winner. It will be given to a rider that the organisers and DEP feel warrant it through effort, or maybe bad luck, maybe even for the best overtaking move of the day! For whatever reason though it will be deserved and earned. On top of that every entrant to the GT Cup series will be given a £15 voucher for signing up to the series.

Claudio Bernardinelli, event promoter for the GT Cup series is also pleased with the partnership: “It’s great to have DEP involved with the GT Cup. We’ve been really trying to give as much support to the riders who enter the GT Cup because it’s still difficult times financially for the parents.

“If we can give prizes and discounts back to the riders as well as growing the series and improving it then I’m happy and I think we’re doing that. DEP are a British manufacture and it’s really good that they are supporting a youth series that will hopefully help develop the riders to a good national standard and then maybe go on to an eventual pro career. I’m really pleased to have DEP as a series partner to the GT Cup.”

We’ll be covering the GT Cup in 2014 and more information on the series can be found at, for DEP Pipes go to