Round three of the Acerbis Amateur Nationals took place at Dean Moor at the weekend, a track known for its fantastic views and close racing that held up well to the weather until a final downpour near the end of block four on Sunday forced a premature end to the action.

In the Matthew Rudd Photography-sponsored Ladies category, fresh from her stint as a trials rider in the SSDT and domination at the Rhayader Wednesday night race, Jane Daniels took top spot on the podium with a maximum points haul and reclaimed the series lead. Former champion Nadiya Jones finished in the runner-up position with 2-4-2-2 results while young Scot Kady Moore made her maiden trip to the rostrum with four third-placed finishes.

In the LS2 Helmets Vets Over 40 class it was CPS Husqvarna rider Brian Wheeler who showed everyone the way around the Cumbrian circuit on his way to four wins from four starts to extend his championship lead. Glen Bixby, Danny Blakeley and Danny Tollett ended day one separated by just two points for the runner-up position which meant everything was to play for on day two. With just one race run on Sunday, Bixby took the upper hand with a fourth ahead of Blakeley and Tollett who followed him home in fifth and sixth.


Chris Brown dominated the Roberts Plant Vets Over 50 class, taking maximum points and proving that good starts make a huge difference in wet, slippery conditions. Nev King and Morton Hannah couldn’t do anything about the flying Honda man out front and shared the second and third-placed finishes over the weekend to round out the podium. Rob Lewis looked to be on for a solid top-five placing, however the seriously wet Sunday race cost him and he ended up dropping down the overall classification.

In the Manchester Xtreme Junior Open category the 9-1-6-2 scorecard of Luke Price was enough to give him the overall victory by six points from championship leader Ben Stanley, who for the first time this year had to settle for second. Local man Kevin Brown had a solid 4-6-5-5 to give him third overall but it was Steve Riley who suffered most. It could have easily been four wins for the Kawasaki rider but mistakes in the second and third races proved costly and dropped him to fourth overall.

Dylan Spencer once again stood on the top step of the podium with a maximum haul of points after decimating the Moto Connection-backed 125cc Two-stroke field. Apex KTM rider James Hanscombe led laps over the weekend but Spencer was just too strong and so had to settle for the runner-up placing overall. Stu Owen and Rian Warren both took a second place finish over the course of the weekend but eventually finished third and fourth overall, separated by just two points.

It was all smiles in the Wheeler camp as Brian’s son, Brad, also had a perfect weekend by taking a maximum points haul in the MX Dreams-backed 250 Two-stroke category. Wheeler dominated, taking each holeshot before checking out. Adam Harris had a solid weekend of racing for the runner-up spot while James Lassu and Denny Rapson continued their season-long dual for the series lead, finishing third and fourth with just four points between them.

In the Craigs Motorcycles MX2 class Olly Jones took three wins on Saturday and then followed that up with a third in the slop-fest of day two to claim his first overall victory of the year. Series leader Scott Hamilton took the final moto victory to boost him into the runner-up position after a crash in the second race of the weekend hindered his chances of taking the top spot.
Seb Berthiaume and Troy Jones tied for the third step of the podium with Berthiaume getting the nod and Andy Lawton finished just two points behind in fifth.

In the Paradise MX Holidays MX1 class, Kawasaki-mounted Lewis Trickett took the wet conditions in his stride and, after some tight battles with Andrew Wilson and local ace Graham Riley on his 250cc two-stroke, managed to claim the overall victory with two wins, a fourth and a second. Wilson took the final moto victory, which put him tied on points with Riley but he got second overall thanks to that final win with Ed Briscoe’s race-three victory elevating him to fourth overall.

Dean Moor Results

125 Two-Stroke Overall

1 Dylan Spencer 40+40+40+40=160
2 James Hanscomb 38+38+36+36=148
3 Stu Owen 32+32+34+38=136
4 Rain Warren 36+28+38+32=134
5 Richard Collins 34+36+32+30=132
6 Alan Pearce 30+34+28+34=126
7 Owen Woodhouse 29+30+30+28=117
8 Lewis Petfield 27+27+27+29=110
9 Charlie Griffiths 24+29+29+26=108
10 Alex Needham 26+24+25+25=100

250 Two-Stroke Open Overall

1 Brad Wheeler 40+40+40+40=160
2 Adam Harris 38+38+36+38=150
3 James Lassu 34+32+38+34=138
4 Denny Rapson 32+36+34+32=134
5 Josh Turner 30+30+29+36=125
6 Chris Nuttall 36+34+30+25=125
7 Cody Ling 28+26+28+30=112
8 Matt Gill 26+29+26+29=110
9 Jason Martin 27+27+27+28=109
10 Richard Pratt 29+22+25+27=103

Junior Open Overall

1 Luke Price 27+40+30+38=135
2 Ben Stanley 32+38+38+21=129
3 Kevin Brown 34+30+32+32=128
4 Steve Riley 40+34+8+40=122
5 Aiden Carney 36+23+34+27=120
6 Tom Marsh 25+36+27+30=118
7 Richard Evans 29+19+28+34=110
8 Gavin Shaw 24+24+25+36=109
9 Ollie Rutter 38+10+29+24=101
10 Finley Smith 26+32+40+0= 98

MX1 Overall

1 Lewis Trickett 40+40+34+38=152
2 Andy Wilson 34+36+38+40=148
3 Graham Riley 38+38+36+36=148
4 Edward Brisco 36+34+40+34=144
5 Jamie Fort 32+29+32+30=123
6 Chris Blacklock 27+32+28+29=116
7 Jamie Dixon 28+30+30+28=116
8 Matt Moffat 30+28+20+32=110
9 Callum Burcher 29+27+27+27=110
10 Michael Smith 23+23+29+26=101

MX2 Overall

1 Olly Jones 40+40+40+36=156
2 Scott Hamilton 34+30+38+40=142
3 Seb Berthiaume 29+36+34+34=133
4 Troy Jones 38+38+27+30=133
5 Andy Lawton 36+34+29+32=131
6 Jason Moore 32+32+30+29=123
7 Ashley Beniston 30+29+28+27=114
8 Albert Martindale 28+26+32+25=111
9 Mitchell Meadows 27+24+26+26=103
10 Jordan Martin 25+0+36+38=99

Vets Over 40 Overall

1 Brian Wheeler 40+40+40+40=160
2 Glen Bixby 38+34+36+34=142
3 Danny Blakeley 34+36+38+32=140
4 Danny Tollett 36+38+32+30=136
5 Barry Gray 32+30+34+38=134
6 Jez Bailey 30+32+30+36=128
7 Paul Coward 29+29+29+28=115
8 Alan Thain 28+28+26+29=111
9 Nigel Smorfitt 26+27+27+26=106
10 Neil Pringle 27+26+25+27=105

Ladies Overall

1 Jane Daniels 40+40+40+40=160
2 Nadiya Jones 38+34+38+38=148
3 Kady Moore 36+36+36+36=144
4 Stacey Henderson 30+30+30+34=124
5 Andrea Talyforth 29+29+29+32=119
6 Beth Farmer 32+38+34+0=104
7 Molly Wherenham 34+32+32+0=98

Vets Over 50 Overall

1 Chris Brown 40+40+40+40=160
2 Nev King 38+38+38+36=150
3 Morton Hannah 36+36+34+38=144
4 Bob Prosser 34+34+32+34=134
5 Steve Humphries 32+30+30+30=122
6 Bruce Garside 28+29+29+32=118
7 Rob Lewis 30+32+36+19=117
8 Andrew Prosser 36+25+28+27=116
9 Alan Morton 29+26+26+29=110
10 Adrian Saunders 26+28+25+28=107

Words: Arran Murphy

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