Well what a weekend it was for the Festival of Legends and final round of the Toughsheet National Twinshock Championships at the new venue of Culham in Oxfordshire.

Hosted superbly by the Cumbria Twinshock Club, who took on the massive task of inviting all of the guests and running the five blocks of races over a sweltering weekend in 30 degrees heat.

The invited guests were interviewed by Jack Burnicle during the Monday afternoon interval, and he did a great job of coaxing the stories out of the likes of Badger Goss, Neil Hudson, Dave Watson, Rob Hooper, Rob Andrews, Ivan Miller, Alan Clarke, Roger Garrett, Dave Grant, Steve How, Russ Jarman, Les Lloyd, John May, and many more, which were appreciated by the large crowd.


Sam Slythe made a cameo appearance with Ken Sourbutts, after which they all received commemorative medals. Sometimes you have to revel in Nostalgia, and there were a lot of spectators who reminisced with the guests over the course of the day, looking back on the achievements of these riders who gave us so much enjoyment back in the 70s and 80s.

The racing was over two days and the Evo 125 boys came to the line first, and although it was a small line up, the racing was fast and furious, and the wins were shared between Corey Nemeth and Shane Holmes, with Nemeth taking the overall victory.

Holmes took second, but lost the title to Andy Lawton on the Steve Clitheroe Honda, after he took third overall from Matty Sanders and David Blackburn.

The Inters Twinshock saw new champion David Hopkins win the first four races, but a last race no-show left the overall victory to a very consistent Jake Veitch.

Hopkins was second, and then young Aaron Moore took his best result in third. Steve Morgan beat close buddy Chris Anderton by a couple of points to take fourth.

In the Evo Open there were four different winners, but after five races it was Matt Williamson who took the overall, and the Martindales Rider of the Meeting award, helped by his two wins.

First race winner Michael Ogden celebrated his return taking second place. And then it was Jamie Dobson in third, who went into the final race level with Barry Turnbull in the championship, but a DNF for Barry left Jamie with a well-deserved title.

Gary Davies took fourth after two wins on the Sunday. Dan Shepherd took fifth, and also ends up as best 250 rider over the season.

Dave Campbell was out riding in the Super Evo class in preparation for Farleigh, and ended up with the win by three points from Paul Smith, with Lee Martin in third.

Neville Bradshaw, who only raced on the Sunday took all three wins to take fourth overall.

Lucy Tilzey finally realised her dream, and took the Clubman Championship after her overall victory.

And Riley Copeland, who gets better each week, won two races to take second. Danny Braddick was third, just a point behind Riley, from Simon Young and Andre Kerry.

The Vets Over 40 saw Ryan Voase win five straight races at a canter as he showed his obvious class, but Rick Du-Feu wasn’t too far behind in second each time.

Adam Wilkinson had his best result of the season in third on the 250, just beating Simon Bonser and Steve Gesnor.

New champion Danny Blakeley seized his bike in race two, but had already wrapped up the title at the previous round.

The Over 50 winner was Lance Marshall, who came home in front of Rob Lewis and new champion Marc Spruce.

Next up were the Wulfsport Experts, and another rider realised his dream by becoming the new National Twinshock Champion, and that rider was Jimmy Margetson, who now carries the number one plate.

He didn’t quite have it all his own way as brother Ben and Barry Turnbull won a race apiece.

Andy Hinchliffe though worked miracles on the little 125 to take second from Michael Smith, Turnbull and Ben Margetson.

Andy Hinchliffe took the 125 Twinshock title, winning four of the five races, with fifth race winner Matt Rudd in second and Mark Burrows third.

The 250 class was won by Jamie Biddulph, who won all five races from Jim Shand and Kyle Godbear.

The Over 50 Twinshock class saw some great battles between former British Champion Dave Watson and fellow Irishman Willie Burgess.

Dave Watson on the Suzuki took three wins but a broken rear wheel stopped him winning the final race. Burgess took the overall and the championship by winning the other two races to take his third consecutive title.

Alan Bott ended up with second overall, from Watson, Tim Sabine and Gary Craddock.

The Over 60s saw Wayne Le Marquand win the overall and the title as he won three from five.

His nearest challenger was Pat Rowe, who won two races to take second from Martin Sanpe and Alan Hambridge.

The West Mids Evos riders only rode the Monday, and the 125 and 250 classes were won by Dave Frampton and Jim Shand.

The Annual Presentation of awards will take place at the Moat House Hotel, Stoke on Saturday, October 19.

Martindales Rider of the Meeting: Matt Williamson.
MRH Consultants 125 Evolution: 1 Corey Nemeth, 2 Shane Holmes, 3 Andy Lawton, 4 Matty Sanders, 5 David Blackburn, 6 Tim Thornton.
West Mids Evos
125: 1 Dave Frampton, 2 Dean Eggleton.
250: 1 Jim Shand, 2 Nigel Green, 3 Mark James.
CI Sport Inters Twinshock: 1 Jake Veitch, 2 David Hopkins, 3 Aaron Moore, 4 Steve Morgan, 5 Chris Anderton, 6 Chris Lambourne.
Woody Vintage Off Road Honda Evolution: 1 Matt Williamson, 2 Michael Ogden, 3 Jamie Dobson, 4 Gary Davies, 5 Dan Shepherd, 6 Michael Smith.
Mauds Cafe Pontefract Super Evos: 1 Dave Campbell, 2 Paul Smith, 3 Lee Martin, 4 Neville Bradshaw, 5 Gareth Morgans, 6 Jake Moss.
Black Art Tuning Clubman Twinshock: 1 Lucy Tilzey, 2 Riley Copeland, 3 Danny Braddick, 4 Simon Young, 5 Andre Kerry, 6 Steve Hinchliffe.
Hazport Veterans Over 40: 1 Ryan Voase, 2 Rick Du-Feu, 3Adam Wilkinson, 4 Simon Bonser, 5 Steve Gesner, 6 Paul Ferguson.
Hazport Veterans Over 50: 1 Lance Marshall, 2 Rob Lewis, 3 Marc Spruce.
Wulfsport Experts Twinshock: 1 Jimmy Margetson, 2 Andy Hinchliffe, 3 Michael Smith, 4 Barry Turnbull, 5 Ben Margetson, 6 Jamie Biddulph.
Falcon Shocks 250 Twinshock: 1 Jamie Biddulph, 2 Jim Shand, 3 Kyle Godbear.
MRH Consultants 125 Twinshock: 1 Andy Hinchliffe, 2 Matt Rudd, 3 Mark Burrows, 4 John Davis, 5 Robin Cowgill.
MotoX Concepts Over 50 Twinshock: 1 Willie Burgess, 2 Alan Bott, 3 Martin Snape, 4 Tim Sabine, 5 Gary raddock, 6 Pete Williamson.
MotoX Concepts Over 60 Twinshock: 1 Wayne Le Marquand, 2 Pat Rowe, 3 Martin Snape, 4 Alan Hambridge, 5 Jon Wood, 6 Graham Challis.

Words: Geoff Shuttleworth

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