As I write this I’m sat all alone in TMX Towers. And that’s not because I smell, although admittedly I do get a little bit whiffy at times, but more so because everyone else is currently working – or at least trying to work – from home.
It’s a unique situation that we’ve been put in and one that we’re trying our very hardest to work around so we can keep TMX coming direct to your door if you’re a subscriber or to a newsagents/filling station/convenience store nearby if you’re not.
At this point, we can’t guarantee that the supply chains will continue to operate but as a collective, we’ve given it our best shot to get TMX out to you this week and we’ll do the same next week too…
I’m sure you’re all well aware that not a lot happened in the dirt bike world last weekend, other than a few practice facilities opening, so we’re a lot short on event reports but that hasn’t fazed us. Knowing full well that there’d be no sporting action, we pulled together a nice mix of features from all corners of the off-road universe, using the skills of some of the sports most respected journalists and photographers with the aim being to give each of you an enjoyable read.
With that in mind now would be a great time to chuck some requests our way because the way I see it we have a lot of time on our hands and a great big archive of images at our disposal and we’re still able to pick the phone up and talk to people of course. So if there’s something you’d like to see in the next few weeks then drop me an email to
It’s crazy to think that a month ago, coronavirus wasn’t all that high on people’s radars yet here we are, 28 days later, in a lockdown situation where we are not meant to leave our homes unless we have to for work, supplies, and just once a day, exercise.
It’s heartbreaking to be in the sort of situation where I’ve gone from worrying about the sport and how the industry might be affected to now being genuinely concerned about everyone’s wellbeing. I’m not gonna harp on about what people should or shouldn’t do but I implore you all to stay safe and I hope to see you all on the other side.
Catch you next week.
Cheers, Sutty
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