If any top pro rider can handle what many feel is an injustice of missing out on MX of Nations pick it is the Marvin Musquin. And that is exactly what he has just shown to the world.

There is no doubt about it, Musquin is an awesome dude. Not only is he cool as ice and as nice as they come, he has also got bags of talent, has style for miles and adversity is crushed by his iron will.

After reading that you will know that Marv has plenty of fans at DBR Towers. And to hammer home our point that this super-fast Frenchman is de la bombe, he has responded to the clamour for comment on missing out on a Motocross of Nations selection for Team France. And it is class.


On Facebook #25 said: “A lot of people are expecting me to react since I wasn’t picked in the French Team for the MX des Nations, but It’s not to me to comment [on] the federation’s choice.

“I will support the French Team 100% though, and I hope we will keep the trophy in our country!

“I also hope I will be part of the team next year, in Glen Helen.

“I want to thank KTM for always giving me their full support for all the extra races I decide to be part of. They always gave me the best material for either the overseas Supercross or MX des Nations.

“I’m really happy that I will be racing the Manufacture Cup in Germany on October 8 for the KTM Team. I will also be racing Lilles Supercross on November 12 and 13, and Geneva Supercross on December 2 and 3. So many occasions to see my Euro fans!”

So that is that. No more hand-wringing on the French MXoN team selection. Unless of course, they miss that third consecutive win and then it will all start again.