The fourth and final round of the 2013 British Youth National Championship took place last weekend at Milton Park, Northants.

In the 65s ultimate championship success went to Derbyshire lad Lewis Hall as Harry Kimber held on to his slender lead to lift the 85cc s/w title. In the b/w 85s it was Jay Hague who ruled and triumphed – but over in the Youth Open section with long time leader Jack Kelly retired with injury it was Brad Todd took who grabbed his opportunity with both hands.

Over the course of the weekend in the 65s Champion Hall bagged a winning brace as did Curtis Trimble and Joel Rizzi. The eventual round win went the way of series runner up Trimble with Hall second as Eddie Jay Wade scooped third. Nine year old Joel Rizzi following a weekend of ups and downs claimed weekend fourth but he can feel well pleased with his series third place finish. Running the usual seven race format the other heat win went to Eddie Jay Wade.


In the s/w 85s a similar tale with the moto wins shared two apiece between champion Kimber, speedy Callum Green and the eventual series runner up Jed Etchells. The final heat win of the year went to Dylan Woodcock. Kawasaki mounted Woodcock can count himself unlucky not to have won twice with the opening heat red flagged when he was well clear. All totalled Etchells won the weekend battle by a single point from second placed Woodcock. Kimber finished next and always doing enough to claim his ultimate title glory.

Jay Hague bagged four moto wins as Albie Wilkie collected the other three in the final showdown of the 85cc b/w class. Hague went into Northants with a comfy championship lead and nothing short of absolute disaster was ever going to rob him of his title. Finishing in series third Irish raider David Galvin once again gave it 100 per cent effort.

With unlucky Jack Kelly out of contention it was Cumbrian Brad Todd and Scots John Adamson who were the two main players going for gold in the youth open section. On the weekend Todd was the master however carding four heat wins and three seconds as Adamson had to settle for the series runner up spot. Jay Hague nailed weekend second and series third signing off impressively with the other three heat wins on his card.

Final Championship positions

Jun 65cc  Champion Lewis Hall 1153 pts, 2 Curtis Trimble 1098, 3 Joel Rizzi 1068, 4 Jack Galvin 968, 5 Drew Kemp 955, 6 Preston Williams 906.
S/W 85cc  Champion Harry Kimber 1129 pts, 2 Jed Etchells 1125, 3 Dylan Woodcock 1088, 4  Nathan Claughan 1085, 5 Callum Green 1029, 6 Aidan McDonough 959.
B/W 85cc Champion Jay Hague 1202 pts, 2 Albie Wilkie 1098, 3 David Galvin 1037, 4 Billy King 950, 5 Ben Edwards 914, 6 Daniel Bewley 809.
Youth Open  Champion Brad Todd 1139 points, 2 John Adamson 1085, 3 Jay Lamb 1037, 4 Jon Hodgson 885, 5 Jack Kelly 884, 6 William Wall 803.