With a large number of rumours going around regarding the second round of the Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship at Canada Heights the ACU have released a statement for the fans.

But in short… Canada Heights is ON and the situation will be reviewed again on Thursday morning.

DBR and the ACU will use its websites and social media to update everyone throughout this week. In the meantime you can read the statement below and watch the great preview video for Canada Heights.


ACU statement:

With the first event now over, attention turns to the second round of the championship which is scheduled for this Sunday, 24th March at the Canada Heights circuit in Kent. Having been part of the championship for many years, this sandy circuit has seen some fantastic racing and quite often has been an indication of the likely champions.

The Sidcup Club have done a lot of development work on the circuit since January and whilst the Kent area has been wet over the past few days, the track itself is in good condition. The Clerk of the Course, Dave Edwards is making daily visits to the circuit as there are some concerns about the Paddock Area, but at the moment everyone is very positive that the event will go ahead.

Obviously, the Championship website and Social Media accounts will keep you informed and the situation will be reviewed on Thursday morning with the aid of an up to date weekend weather forecast but the message at the moment is clear, direct from the Clerk of the Course, “The meeting is on”.

Canada Heights is easily reached from the M25 Motorway about five miles south of the Dartford Crossing and the first of seven Championship races starts at 12.15pm.