BTO Sports dropped the below press release overnight…

After a very successful decade in both Supercross and Motocross, BTO Sports will not continue as title sponsor for BTO Sports-KTM race team.

Through our years in the pits and on the tracks, the BTO Sports-KTM Team has grown to become one of the prominent SX/MX race teams in the sport of Motocross today. We are so very proud of the collective efforts this team has put forth from its inception. The hard work and competitive spirit of the team has made BTO Sports what it is today, and we have been blessed to work with such an outstanding race organisation.


To our riders and race team crew: a heart-felt thank you for your professionalism and dedication in achieving our lofty racing goals. Special thanks to Andrew Short, Davi Millsaps, Michael Byrne, Jimmy Albertson, Matt Goerke, JT$, Justin Brayton and the many others that made us proud every time the gate dropped. We wish continued success to everyone, and we’re quite sure we will see you all soon on the podium!

This whole Factory Team experience came about as our business was growing into an industry -leading retailer. The relationships gained in these years have only strengthened the bond between our business and the MX community. We are honoured to continue serving this community for years to come.

The BTO Amateur MX Team

As BTO Sports closes one door, we are extremely excited to be opening another. We are proud to introduce our plans for a premier Amateur Race Program that is second to none. Our renewed focus on today’s amateur racers will give us the opportunity to find and foster the motocross stars of tomorrow.

We will be building an Amateur Race Team of 7-10 riders from across the country, covering all ages and riding classes. As we build this program up, we look forward to meeting as many riders as possible! There will be a BTO Sports presence at all of the flagship amateur events, including Loretta Lynn’s (TN), JS Spring Classic (TX) and the California Classic out West.

The BTO Amateur Race Team and corresponding sponsorship program will be tiered into three classes, covering all three levels of rider proficiency. By having an A, B and C class of youth racers, we can tailor our sponsorship packages by class to maximise the individual benefits of each. Our Amateur Team will also have access to our social media resources; which will give our riders exposure to the masses via videos, blogs banner ads and more.

BTO Sports is also excited to announce an expanded ‘Race Support Program’, to be run in conjunction with our Amateur Team. This program will be run through Hookit- and will serve a far larger pool of aspiring motocross riders. Details of this program are forthcoming, so please visit our site to get the latest updates! BTOSPORTS.COM will continue to be one of the leading online “one-stop-shops” for all your motocross needs and will strive to better serve our customers.

More information about our new Amateur Team and Sponsorship Program can be found at And all new rider resumes can be submitted to us at We look forward to hearing from you!