With another man down due to Ross Rutherford’s recent hip injury, Pendrich Kawasaki started the long drive to Norfolk for the second round of the Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship.

Lyng has an odd texture, it is sandy, yet it isn’t at several parts of the track, and it proves to be a challenge for many.

On Sunday, sole rider Bryan Mackenzie wheeled his green machine to the waiting zone, ready to go out and qualify. And qualify he did, with a third! The subsequent Superpole also delivered a third, which pleased Bryan very much.


The first race saw Bryan go into the first few corners up at the front of the pack, and although it was not in the lead, he soon made moves towards that goal. He found himself in a heated battle for third place, but it was not to be and after a small front wheel slide-out entering the pit turn he had to make do with fourth.

The second race was an uneventful affair; here Bryan raced his own race in sixth, only to then get pipped to that place by James Dunn with just a few corners to go.

After a stern talking to for having let the side down, Bryan hit the line again for race three. This time he also started off in sixth, but he soon picked off two rivals and finished just yards behind Mel Pocock in fourth for a fifth overall on the day.

“This morning was pretty good, got third in both practices, which set me up nicely next to the box where I like to start here,” said Bryan Mackenzie. “Got a few good jumps out of all the starts, but I just got out-dragged up the start straight a little bit.

“Every time I started in the top six or seven though, which was okay. The first race was okay; I was third at one point but then slipped off with a few laps to go and finished fourth.

“The second race was a bit of a disaster, I just couldn’t find my groove and nothing was really going well and I dropped to seventh in the last lap, so I was really disappointed and had a word with myself.

“The last race I was just really intense with my riding and although fourth isn’t on the podium, it was a good last race because we were all going pretty fast and the top six were battling pretty hard, it was just really difficult to pass, so I’m assuming we’re fifth overall on the day and we’re fifth in the championship, so it wasn’t that bad a result by any means.” Mark Perfect – Team Manager commented: “The build-up to this weekend’s been pretty hectic to be fair. Leading up to the race Bryan had a good qualifying, I was quite happy with the way he was riding there and the first race also, where we had a fourth.

“In the second race, I don’t know what went wrong in the race, it just seemed to hold us up, and we couldn’t pass, the lines were tight and everything was really tight on the track. We then came back to a commendable fourth position in the last race. All in all we’re still up there in the top five, and we’re still chasing the championship, which is the ultimate goal and we’ll keep pressing toward that at all times.”