If you’re a fan of all things extreme then February in the UK is a great month for you with the world famous Nitro Circus kicking off their UK tour on February 2 in Manchester.

Now the talent on display at Nitro Circus is off the hook with top freestyle riders from around the globe but we want some British interest. And now we have it.

Britain’s top freestyle rider and DEP Pipes supported Squibby will be joining Travis Pastrana’s boys (and girls) as part of their Nitro Circus tour hitting the UK next month.


Of course Jamie is stoked to be part of the UK tour but he’s neck deep in AX action at the moment, “I’ve got to rush from Arenacross at Newcastle next weekend and get in some practice with the Nitro lads before the show in Manchester on Tuesday,” he told DEP Pipes.

You’d think with all the tricks Jamie is landing at the moment he’d be dialled in and ready to rock, but it’s not that straight forward, “Thing is they use different size ramps and I won’t have much time to dial them in,” he explains.

“It doesn’t sound a big deal but when you do what we do and you’re flipping MX bikes you can’t afford to get it wrong. Obviously I’m excited to be invited into the Nitro Circus family and I’m buzzing for it. It would’ve been good to have a little more time to be prepared, but it is what it is. I’m just going to go out there and enjoy it and hopefully the Brits will appreciate me being part of the show.”

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You can get more info on the Nitro Circus tour here. And to keep up to speed with Squibby throughout the year you can follow him on Instagram – @jamiesquibb