Brett Cue gets an opportunity he never thought he would. To ride at The Stewart Compound. I’ll let Brett Cue take it from here…

For the past few days, I’ve been trying to come up with the right words to describe how much fun I had at the Stewart Compound. From the most picturesque track my Dunlop’s have roosted to spending time with one of the nicest families in our sport, the trip was nothing short of amazing.

Let’s start by talking a little bit about the Stewart family. Like most of you, I’ve watched James’ and Malcolm’s careers since long before they turned pro, but never had any sort of contact with them. As an outsider, I will regretfully admit that I wasn’t the biggest Stewart fan. Even though both James and Malcolm do things on the bike that no normal human can comprehend, I still wasn’t sold.


When we teamed up to help Malcolm at the start of the year, my views all changed. From the very first time I met Big James, Sonya, Malcolm, DK, Rango and Todd, they were all complete opposite of what I had envisioned. Some may say that they only treated me well because helped Malcolm get back to the races, but I would argue that until I’m blue in the face. The Stewart crew are top notch people that I’m proud to call friends. I’ve proven time and time again that until you spend time with somebody in our sport you have no right to judge them or assume anything.

Now, on to the riding! Talk about one of the coolest places, ever! Since Malcolm was full bore into riding Supercross, the outdoor track hadn’t been touched since the JS7 amateur ride day at the end of 2016. Since Big James knew I was coming out, he worked the whole track just so I would have something to ride while I was in town!

Since the amateur ride day was the last event, the jumps were tamed down a bit from their normal size, but the flow and fun factor was still a 10! I’ve played the video games and seen hundreds of videos of James and Malcolm at the compound, so to actually ride it was a feeling I’ll never forget.

Not only did I get to ride, but I also got to watch Malcolm; talk about a treat! Seeing a rider with that much skill, on his own track, is a sight to behold. You can watch videos of it all day, but to actually ride a Supercross track, then pull over and watch Malcolm hit the same section 10 times faster than you just did, will bring a whole new level of respect.

When you mix riding, fishing and all the other fun we had while in Haines City, you have a recipe for a trip you’ll never forget – BQ