Events 22 lose tender to run the real Weston Beach Race…

Bit of a shocker this one but it transpires that Events 22 won’t be running this year’s Weston Beach Race after all. Matt Bates released this statement moments ago…

Events 22 were disappointingly informed on Tuesday afternoon that they were unsuccessful in re-tendering to stage the Beach event at Weston super Mare. Chief Executive of the North Somerset Council, David Turner, broke the news to Events 22 Managing Director Matt Bates explaining that he was immensely sorry for messing everyone around as much as they have and that a decision (although he didn’t personally agree with it) had been made.


Needlessto say we at Events 22 and the MCF are absolutely shocked by their decision, especially as we had so many plans to make the event at Weston Super Mare something amazing over the next few years.

We are well within our rights to challenge their decision but on reflection we only see this as a negative for the sport that could cause the event to be totally lost in the future. We have therefore made the decision to ‘dust ourselves down’ and move forward wishing the new organiser the best of luck in staging the event… hoping they keep the entry fee’s somewhere realistic!

Our immediate action is to refund all of the current entries that have booked in to the event – cheques and payments are being sent out today & tomorrow (June 22/23).

Finally, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone that supported us when we were awarded the contract to stage the event. Events 22 and the MCF will continue to develop great events that attract a fresh new audience to the sport… just not at Weston Super Mare!

Although nothing has been officially released the big rumour at the moment is that Gareth Hockey of RHL Activities has won the tender. How that’ll work with the whole Swansea thing remains to be seen. Stay tuned for more news as we get it.