RHL go all out with two beach races this winter…

RHL Activities Ltd is pleased to announce that it will be hosting the world famous RHL Beach Race at Weston-Super-Mare on October 7-9 2011 and also at the new long term venue of Swansea over the weekend of the March 2-4 2012.

The planned Swansea race date has been changed thanks to the cooperation with the local council, whom have been incredibly accommodating in working with RHL in creating an event that will be grown over the next three years to rival the famous Le Touquet race. 


RHL is pleased to announce a discounted rate of £85.00 for the launch of its Beach Race in Swansea to all those riders who enter the RHL Beach Race at Weston-Super-Mare.  There will be a new dedicated website for the Swansea date, so please keep checking back to our website and don’t miss the discount window.

With the maddest, baddest and biggest off-road event in the UK going ahead and being expanded to two venues, it’s all systems go with a newly developed course design and RHL will be able to offer continuity of the same high standard with all of its specialised team of experts contracted to them long term. There is a special entry discount for the Weston race before the price increase on the August 20 so make sure you get booked in early.

“Well it’s certainly exciting and busy times at RHL Activities, as we prepare for two fantastic beach events. I am pleased that RHL will be hosting its event at Weston-Super-Mare, as we have worked hard in developing the event to its present iconic status. With the addition of the city of Swansea we have received a massive amount of support from the local council and businesses. The city of Swansea offers RHL the ability to bring its world class Beach Race to a larger venue, with renowned hotel, restaurants and entertainment chains signing on to support the event, its riders and customers,” said RHL Activities director Gareth Hockey.

 “As well as offering the riders discounts for those entering both events, RHL is pleased to announce there will be an overall prize fund for the two events of £5,000. We aim to get as many stars as possible at both races and put on events to a high standard with the help of our contractors and sponsors who have shown so much dedication and loyalty to our projects. I would like to thank everyone for all of the support we have received and I am pleased we can now concentrate our efforts on expanding the biggest off-road event in the UK at both Weston and Swansea. There will be many announcements with our exciting deals and plans over the next few weeks,” concluded Hockey.

More information, tickets and entries for the RHL Beach Race at Weston-Super-Mare can be found at the WBR website by logging on to: www.wbruk.com or contacting RHL Activities on: 01873 840640