Honda has just sent us this press release and video, and all you Bobryshev fans wouldn’t forgive us if we didn’t share it with you.

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Press Release


The World’s fastest Russian [according to this press release from Honda] gives a tour around his hometown Kondrovo while talking about his upbringing in Russia as he developed his talent as a motocross racer before heading to Europe to realise his dreams.

Evgeny Bobryshev burst onto the motocross World Championship radar in 2010 when he made the first step into the MX1 class and challenged the top competitors aboard his CRF 450R. Although relatively unknown before then in the motocross media, the Russian racer’s reputation has grown dramatically over the past three years, as he’s become recognised for his speed, special style and grit on the racetrack, with his friendly down-to-earth nature when the helmet is off.

Now riding for the factory Honda World Motocross team, Bobryshev had high hopes for 2012 after a solid season with the squad while taking his first Grand Prix win last year, but it wasn’t to be, as injuries thwarted his progress at nearly every stage of the season. The Russian star’s upbringing is still an unknown story to many of his friends, team and fans in Europe, as his heritage hasn’t been so well documented until the Grand Prix circus went to Russia for the first time since 2002 this year.

24-year-old Bobryshev, who has based himself in Europe for many years, took some time out to head home and make this video, which shows him like you’ve never seen him before; telling the story of his life in Russia, his hometown Kondrovo and the important role his father has played in helping him develop his talent, along with the first time he took a factory bike to the track he grew up on that his father runs.