Apico Factory Racing are proud to announce the launch of their new-look website – www.apico.co.uk . The site contains over 13,000 images of all their products and has the facility for dealers to order directly through the site.

The site – although primarily for dealers – is also a good way for riders and enthusiasts to see what products are available which they can then contact their local dealer to order. The system is real time which will show customers what is in stock and give them the opportunity to order product at any time day or night. This is the first website of its kind in the off-road motorcycle world and another feather in the cap for Apico and their customer service profile.

“The website will give our customers and the end user a better idea of what is available to them from a visual perspective,” says Apico MD Yrjo Vesterinen. “It will also add to our communication channel with all who use the website.”


The site will be live from today – June 17 – so please drop by and have a look at the latest products from Apico and their suppliers.