Air Ambulance charities across the UK are incredibly important for each and every one of us. Not only for their role in helping save the lives of people who take part in sporting events but also in our everyday lives – the air ambulance is a vital service that could be needed at any time.

In addition, the air ambulances have saved many people’s lives in the likes of the construction and agricultural industry, as well as the motorsport sector and other areas that are close to the hearts of the fans and followers of the Weston Beach Race.

It’s with great pride that Apico Factory Racing raises money each year for the Great Western Air Ambulance Charity (GWAAC) at the Weston Beach Race, which takes place on October 18-20. With thousands raised over the years to save lives, Apico will continue this fantastic initiative at the event in 2019.


The GWAAC provides critical care and an air ambulance service across Bristol, Bath & North East Somerset, North Somerset, Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire.

Providing care to critically ill people following an accident or medical incident, the GWAAC, like other air ambulance charities, saves lives with its specialist paramedic care and speedy service to give patients the best possible chance of recovery.

At the Weston Beach Race the Apico Hydration Station has become an integral part of the promenade at the event over the last few years. Being the maddest, baddest and biggest motorsport event in the UK, Apico felt that the charity was a fitting choice for its charity work, as many riders – from hobby riders to professionals across all motorsports have benefited from this kind of life-saving service.

Supported by Ice Valley Water, Apico’s simple, charitable scheme offers a bottle of water in return for a donation to the charity. Over the years this has raised a significant figure for the air ambulance and it will continue again this October. Apico would like to thank everyone who has donated in the past and looks forward to meeting race-fans and spectators alike who want to do their bit for the charity this year.

Apico Factory Racing Managing Director Dylan Brown: “From a personal angle, my Dad was a big supporter and contributor to the efforts of the North West Air Ambulance Service, specifically relating to the Isle of Man TT back in the day. It is for this reason as well as people I know who wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the air ambulance service doing what they do. Supporting the GWAAC seemed like the natural choice as it’s local to the event. We’ve managed to raise thousands over the last five years; although knowing our companies small efforts may only cover a handful of callouts, we’re doing something to give back, which we think is important.”

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