Looks like the Swansea Beach Race is delayed at best and possibly even cancelled indefinitely…

Gareth Hockey confirmed the postponement of the Swansea Beach Race as he released this statement online…

As you’ve probably heard already, we have had to postpone the first RHL Beach Race at Swansea, because of new environmental issues that need to be addressed.


Obviously we are disappointed that we’ve been forced into delaying the race. The environmental impact on the beach has been an issue from the start and we’ve gone to great lengths to meet the demands of the environmental lobby. But, at the eleventh hour, we were informed that we needed a licence from the MCU, and that this would take a minimum of 28 days to process.

We want to put on a sustainable event at Swansea, an event that will run for at least the next ten years and eventually attract the same number of visitors as the well established Beach Race at Weston does on the other side of the Bristol Channel. In 2008 more than 100,000 people travelled to Weston to see the Beach Race, and there’s no reason why Swansea shouldn’t surpass even these figures in the future.

But to do this we need to ensure that all the issues related to the environmental impact of the Beach Race at Swansea are answered satisfactorily. Unfortunately, this will take some time, which is why we had no option but to delay the first ever Beach Race at Swansea.

Competitors and spectators who have already entered or bought tickets for the Beach Race at Swansea will be offered a refund, or entry and tickets for the rescheduled event,or Weston event

I can only apologise to the hundreds of competitors and spectators who have already entered or bought tickets to the Beach Race at Swansea. Everyone will be contacted directly, and I’ll be speaking to all the competitors myself to explain the situation.

Both RHL Activities Limited and Swansea City Council are committed to running the Beach Race at Swansea, but now we need to sit down together and decide on an alternative date, with early September being my preferred option.
Guys this is as much as I can say at minute, Because the venue will be brilliant once we have run first event and are not part of a political battle.