Red Bud in the US motocross scene is basically always held on Independence Day Weekend. Independence Day is the day that us colonists decided to kick King George’s ass the hell out of here, along with all of his red-coat-wearing dullards who seemed to like lining up to the sound of a snare drum to get shot.

It seems I always hear people from the old country, where most of you live, telling me how since I speak English I should be appreciative of my English heritage. But all I have to say to that is that “camouflage” is French and perhaps the British troops should’ve learned that word prior to 1776.

Now, here’s the irony (or perhaps hypocrisy) of all of this – I hate nationalism. To sum up the words of one of my favorite comics, Doug Stanhope, nationalism does nothing but make you hate people you’ve never met and take pride in accomplishments you had no part in. But it does have value to me – I get to use it to make fun of my many British friends, including the editor of Dirt Bike Rider, Sean Lawless.


Because here in the USA, we’re barely aware of England. Not me, of course; I love England. I love the people, the dreary weather, the beer and the money. But I think a lot of Americans thought the royal wedding was like Harry Potter or King Arthur; fiction. I think most Americans think, when they hear someone with a British accent, that they must be bad guys, like in Star Wars.

But don’t worry about me; I know my heritage. I’m a proud mix of Irish, Scottish, English and who-knows-what. That’s where I get my epic ears and unbelievable inability to tan. And it’s also where I think I get my ability and desire to make light of really bad situations.

Nationalism is dumb. But Blake Baggett still won at Red Bud over Scotsman Dean Wilson. So, yay us! Or something.