A couple of weeks ago, Mark and Colleen Lee were looking forward to doing what they love – marshalling at motocross.

At the last round of the Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship at Canada Heights, the married couple arrived at the circuit to help out. But there was something different at this round for Colleen.

For the first time, after 10 years of trying, Mark had convinced his wife to take to the road on a motorcycle. Following a few days of getting used to riding on the road, she proudly rocked up to Canada Heights on a used Honda scooter.


The British championship round was a great success and Mark and Colleen enjoyed every moment.

Sadly, a great day was ruined by some heartless thieves who had made off with Colleen’s Honda.

Mark has now set up a gofundme.com page in an attempt to either find the stolen bike or buy a replacement for his wife so they can get back to riding and most importantly, get back to marshalling.

Take a look below at Mark’s gofundme.com post and if you want to help out, can we ask that you share this article on social media. And if you want to donate, hit this link to their page.

Mark Lee’s open letter:

Hi everybody, I must bring to your attention today that my wife and I took our time out to do what we love, to help out marshalling.

But for the first time, she attended on a motorcycle. It has taken me over 10 years to get her on a motorcycle on the road. After her fourth day on the road, we attended Canada heights to marshall, only to come back at the end of the day to find her first bike stolen from the dedicated motorcycle parking section. Her bike was a White Honda PS125I with a silver luggage box attached to the bike.

The reg is EX62 XHP. There were two witnesses who saw two young boys aged approx 12-16 push the moped into the forest by the enduro circuit – they tried to give chase but due to the fact the two witness were elderly, they were unable to keep up – the young boys got away with the moped.

Security was alerted but was unable to find the moped or the boys in the area.

I know it’s a bad thing to request, but if anybody out there may know who has done this, may you please assist, by contacting me.

I have setup this Gofund me to kindly ask members and riders of Canada Heights to help to get my wife back out on the road. We both have autism and do not have the ability to get a loan to get another moped for her.

If anybody out there reading this knows how amazing it feels when their wife/children first ride. This is who I am appealing to for help.

It will take a long time to save up for another moped for her, but I am kindly asking for members to help get her back out on the road sooner.

Some of you may wonder why she has no theft coverage on her insurance, this is because the moped was a Cat C when we brought it, the excess will not make the insurance company payout high enough to purchase another bike.

Let’s all try to get her back on the road for summer, so we can get back to marshalling again for the riders.

Thank you,

Mark Lee

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