Respected editor and publisher Adam Duckworth has joined the Dirtbike Rider team as magazine content manager.

Duckworth is an award-winning motorcycle journalist and photographer with more than 30 years experience. After starting his career covering European motocross for U.S. magazine Motocross Action, he joined British magazine Motocross Rider in 1987 before going to Motor Cycle News where he became editor.

He has also been Editor-in–Chief of MOTO and Moto-X magazines, as well as contributing to Racer X, Dirt Rider Down Under, T&MX News and DBR.


He started racing motocross in 1976 on a Honda XR75 and rode right through to 2014 on a YZF450 until a back injury stopped him, and he’s a fan of old-school bikes and racing as well as modern motocross and supercross.

“I’ve seen the changes in the sport from the massive technical developments in two-strokes at the end of the 1970s right through to the modern four-strokes of today, and how racing from local-level to GPs and supercross have evolved and changed hugely,” he said. “I also remember buying the first ever issue of DBR back in 1981.”