Following the implementation of the Body Armour ruling for all ACU Motocross Events from the start of 2018, the ACU Motocross Committee decided at a recent meeting that the current ruling for Body Armour will remain the same for the 2019 season.

Therefore, for the 2019 season, it will remain compulsory for all riders/passengers to wear suitable chest and back protection during practice and race sessions at all ACU events but it is not required to meet the FIM Standards.

Back and chest protection will be checked, with riders being turned away from the start line if not worn.


ACU Motocross Chairman, Steve McCauley commented: “The reaction to our 2018 body armour rule has been one of overwhelming positivity from all quarters, bearing this in mind it was felt that we should make an early decision now to allow people to plan/budget for 2019. Bringing in a minimum standard was considered for 2019, however, taking many factors into consideration the ACU Motocross Committee decided to remain with the same ruling for 2019, so no change for next year. An announcement regarding 2020 will be made in early 2019.”

The wording in the ACU Handbook for 2019 regarding Body Armour will be as follows:

It is compulsory that riders/passengers wear, as a minimum, back and chest protectors, incorporated within the suit or worn separately. It is advised that all riders and passengers should wear a body belt/kidney protector.