The ACU announced this evening that the Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship will have an extra support class in 2017.

Dirt Bike Rider broke the exciting news exclusively yesterday that the premier British motocross championship will run both MXY2 and a Two-Stroke, kicking off with MXY2 in support at Culham on March 12, followed by Lyng on April 9.

At round three the support class will switch to Two-Stroke, which will be open to all adult riders on 125cc and upward. Interestingly, riders can enter MX1 or MX2 and Two-Stroke and the class will carry a full British championship tag – could we see a double British champion in the same season in 2017?


While considerable support and excitement has been shown for the introduction of a Two-Stroke championship, there was concern expressed by fans on our Facebook page over a possible reduction of the MXY2 rounds, but the series promoter has been quick to respond and stressed in a press release that this will not detract from the class, which will revert back to the tried and tested five rounds for 2017, culminating with the final round at Foxhill on August 27 where all classes, MX1, MX2, MXY2 and Two-Stroke will hopefully give the fans an epic end to the season.

ACU Events say they have specifically targeted four high-profile venues for the Two-Stroke races, which will follow the MXY2 procedure of 18 minutes plus 1 lap motos, which will include a full-length qualifying session at each round.

“The idea of including a Two-Stroke class was mooted back in the middle of the 2016 season but as the series promoter we had to make sure that it will work,” said the ACU in a press release. “Having had support pledged from various individuals in the motocross industry we are now at a point to go ahead and I am sure there will be some very close racing with some high profile names taking part.”

Registrations are now open with details available from Sonia Goggin at the ACU office on 01788 566404 or email at

Below is the full 2017 Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship calendar with details of which classes will be at each round.

  • March 12 – Culham (MX1, MX2, MXY2)
  • April 9 – Lyng (MX1, MX2, MXY2)
  • April 30 – Canada Heights (MX1, MX2 and Two-Stroke)
  • May 14 – Hawkstone Park (MX1, MX2 and Two-Stroke)
  • June 18 – Desertmartin (MX1, MX2, MXY2)
  • July 16 – Blaxhall Circuit (MX1, MX2 and Two-Stroke)
  • July 30 – Preston Docks (MX1, MX2, MXY2)
  • August 27 – Foxhill (MX1, MX2, MXY2 and Two-Stroke)