If you’re a little bit obsessed like we are you’ll have been waiting to see the Monster Energy Cup battleground for the past few months. Well here it is…

Feld Motor Sports have finally unveiled the 2015 Monster Energy Cup track design that is inspired by five-time Monster Energy Supercross Champion Ricky Carmichael. The Monster Energy Cup will be held at Las Vegas’ Sam Boyd Stadium on Saturday, October 17, and will feature the world’s top riders.




or the first time ever the 22 rider starting gate will be raised 11 feet into the air. Riders will have to completely rethink their starting technique as the elevated starting platform will have an expanded metal surface before dropping down on a 40-degree angle of dirt to the long start straight below.


“I’m really excited about this year’s track design, and feel it’s a lot different than any before it.  The elevated start is going to be so cool to see and I like that it is back inside the stadium. The 11′ elevation almost gives it a BMX feel, but bigger.  As happy as I am with the track I am really excited for the racing this year. There is a lot of heat showing up for this year’s race and I’m expecting to see some of the best racing action ever this time around,” said Carmichael.


Another unique feature will be the AMSOIL Arch, which is a large, 150′ sweeper turn so massive that it will extend into the grandstands, and a new spin on the devious Joker Lane built as an “S” turn on the start straight.


Racers will also be treated to a massive sand roller section coming out of Monster Alley, where racers reach speeds upwards of 70 mph and a long technical rhythm section with dual lanes. Additionally, the Monster Energy Cup track will feature a high-speed outdoor motocross themed section outside the stadium section, an under/over bridge, and a large triple jump exceeding 100′ for the Monster Energy Finish line.


The Monster Energy Cup posts $1 million to any rider who can win all three main events.