During yesterday’s press conference at the MXGP of France in Saint Jean d’Angely Mr. David Luongo Youthstream Director, Dr. Wolfgang Srb FIM/CMS Director, Mr Jacques Bolle FFM President and Mr Philippe Lecomte President of the Motoclub Ernée officially announced to international and national media that the summit of the year in motocross, the FIM Motocross of Nations, will take place next year, 2015, in…

“We are pleased to have the 2015 Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations back in France and especially in Ernée, everyone can remember the FIM Motocross of Nations from 2005 which took place in Ernée, and we plan to make this one bigger and better and we are confident it will be a huge event,” Mr Jacques Bolle said.

Motoclub Ernée President Mr. Philippe Lecomte agreed, “after having Ernée back on the calendar last year after four years, we realized how great this event is. We had a good event with huge success and popularity, so as soon as the event finished we decided we would like to have the FIM Motocross of Nations again. In 2005 Motocross of Nations in Ernée was amazing, everyone remembers it, as it was a big step for the Motocross of Nations in the way of the quality of the event, the quality of the racing and the passion of the public. Right now we are already working to have everything ready to make sure that the 2015 FIM Motocross of Nations is even better than ever before and we are confident it will be a good event. Lastly we can’t thank everyone enough, so thanks again to everyone.”


Mr David Luongo added, “I have no doubt the 2015 FIM Motocross of Nations in Ernèè will be a great success. I am very happy with the relationship we have with the federation and the organizer in Ernée, and we know that France is a very important country for motocross, there is a big following in France as we can see today with a lot of fans already here in St Jean d’Angely to watch the qualifying and we know that tomorrow will be even better and that Motocross of Nation in Ernée next year will be even better again.”

Dr Wolfgang Srb closed out the presentation in saying “the FIM Motocross of Nations is emotion, is passion, it is your flag, your anthem, your country, it is everything and it is always something incredible for the entire universe and it is something you will never forget. As of the Nations in Ernée back in 2005, Nations had a chance to live gain. The French, they know how to organize and they know how to celebrate. Thanks to Ernée, thanks to the crowd, thanks everyone. Motocross of Nations in 2015 will be in Ernée and it will be great! I am sure of it.”