The organisers behind the ME Cup has today unveiled the 2014 Monster Energy Cup track design that is inspired by five time Monster Energy Supercross Champion Ricky Carmichael.

The Monster Energy Cup will be held at Las Vegas’ Sam Boyd Stadium on Saturday, October 18, and will feature the world’s top riders.

The uniquely designed Monster Energy Cup hybrid track incorporates highly technical elements from both supercross and motocross through the use of over 10,000 cubic yards of dirt. The vision was to challenge the world’s best racers by amplifying traditional track features seen in supercross and motocross. Taking off from the longest start in supercross history, the riders will leave the gate on an inclined start before they split apart and race into the 180 degree bowl turns. This unique start will be 200 yards in length and will demand speeds that will exceed 70 miles per hour.


“This year’s track design is unlike anything I have ever seen in my career,” said Carmichael. “It’s definitely going to be exciting and challenging for everyone. We started with a great foundation and have an epic final product.”

“Just when you think the Monster Energy Cup track design couldn’t get any more interesting, [Ricky] Carmichael finds a way to make it even more challenging,” said Ryan Dungey. “The track requires the perfect blend of persistence and aggressiveness. Bike setup is also key on this track. And you can’t forget about the Joker Lane, which can be your worst enemy, especially if you forget to go through it.”

Racers will also be treated to a massive sand roller section, a technical rhythm lane and the devious joker lane, which will be longer than what the racers are used to. Additionally, the Monster Energy Cup track will feature the AMSOIL Arch, which is a large, 150′ sweeper turn so massive that it will extend into the grandstands.

“It will be cool to see these guys take the AMSOIL Arch and then come down into massive sand rollers,” added Carmichael. “These sections require a lot of technical maneuvering, so the racers definitely need to be prepared both mentally and physically.”

The Monster Energy Cup posts a $250,000 purse with the winner walking away with a $100,000 check, and any rider that wins all three Main Events will take home $1 million.