Swordy and Jodie have got another nipper on the way but in the meantime there are titles to be won…

First I’m going to start with some great news – Jodie is pregnant! We were about to start another cycle of IVF when we found out she was pregnant naturally. Being Scottish I am so pleased as it’s saved me a small fortune. So, yes, I am going to be a daddy again!

This month has been tough with training and riding but it’s been a massive help working in a group as I feel we all push each other to the limit more than when I ride alone. The weather has been good so I have been able to ride in England and that is always a bonus. Through the week we normally go away for a few days to wherever there are tracks that are good for us to practice on. I find it easier that way rather than driving for hours every day which to me is extra riding time. Also, this way Ayrton doesn’t wake me at 5.45 every morning which is a killer!


I feel good on the bike and now I’m not doing the GPs my motos are only 20 minutes long so as long as I train as I always have my fitness is definitely not in question. The team are working hard to make sure that everything regarding the bike is right and we have time to test and make sure it is how I like it. I know sometimes I can be really fussy so I do feel for them. However, I just want to win

I did a charity cycle from Swindon to Bristol – there was a group of us so we met at a little pub early in the morning and set off. It was so cold to begin with but we all stayed with each other and 60 miles later we arrived. None of them apart from Tom Church and I were in full-time training so we just took our time but it was a good laugh. We have all managed to raise a fair bit of money – it’s for Children’s Hospice South West and it was cool doing something like that for such a great cause. We have a ball to go to next month for the hospice so will find out exactly how much we raised.

I have a new personal sponsor, Ding Master, which is my mate’s company. I have had my van stickered up with their logo on the back – I can’t wait for people to ask me when I’m parked up if I could remove a dent for them. No problem, just give me a hammer and I’ll do my best! On a serious note, it is great that people are willing to go out of their way to help, especially in the current climate. The riders really do need all the help they can get at the moment. It’s annoying but some good riders cannot get a ride and a lot are riding for nothing. It’s such a shame as it is such a hard and dangerous sport to ride round purely for the love of it. I am one of the lucky ones and have a great team behind me…

I had an interview the other day with DBR which is always a good laugh and Ayrton loved being part of the pictures. He starts to show off and plays up to the camera so I am looking forward to seeing the picture of him. He enjoys anything to do with bikes and is always walking round the house with my goggles or helmet on. I am sure he will be looking at the pictures of himself in the mag. Every rider is me as far as he is concerned – even Bubba!

I’m racing the supercross at the O2 on Saturday night which I’m looking forward to but have not had much chance to practice any supercross this year. I’m hoping it’s all going to come back to me straight away. I would have loved to take Ayrton as he’s obsessed with it all but it’s far too late so just Jodie and I will be going. I will let you know how I get on in next month’s column.

Anyway, that’s it for another month – the racing will start soon so my columns will start being a bit more interesting as it’s always hard to write about your month when it’s not race season. I’m looking forward to it all starting up again now and I am focused on winning – nothing more, nothing less.