Gordy heads to Cork where he gets by without a little help from his friends…

Wow! December already! I’ve had a little track time last month as I competed in the Munster club’s Winter MX series. They held three rounds at their very much improved former GP track at Vernon Mount in Cork. I had to race pretty friggin’ hard to win the championship as the prize money was 1000 Euros for the overall and my des Nations team mate Stuey-162ey had planned to spend that 1000 Euros on a sun-soaked holiday if he won it.

Johnny Douglas Hamilton transformed the venue and it is excellent. A fine addition to the selection that we have on offer for our championships. I like Cork as a city and the newly opened motorway down to there is fantastic. I travelled down with a couple of mates in my van and when I picked them up from their houses and they came out carrying suit jackets, shoes, Stella and shirts I realised our priorities were vastly different. I knew then that I would be doing ALL the race day chores.


My days were a tad busy especially as it was a washout with a quick turnaround between motos. They were without a shadow of a doubt the two most useless pair of pr*cks I could have ever wanted to have on a weekend to help me. But at least that wasn’t a surprise to me. The theme of their overwhelming consideration for me continued onto the following weekend too. I joke with them that I’m like Sam (Patrick Swayze) out of the movie Ghost! It’s as if I don’t exist.

Speaking of ghosts, Halloween was mega. I went out to Belfast dressed as a fireman. I acquired a current day fireman uniform, complete with the latest version helmet, rubbed coal dust all over myself and went to town. Fair play to those boys, the heat inside those suits is intense!

I handed out the trophies at the Northern Ireland Junior Quad Club presentation. The club was a much bigger deal than I expected and I was welcomed very well from all, even though I race with half the number of wheels to all others in the room on that night.

Regardless of it being more difficult than usual to plan ahead, I have been able to continue with coaching and helping people reduce their lap times. I enjoy it and find it satisfying when progress is made. Due to the weather in the UK being so wet over the winter I take myself to Spain and run the coaching and training camps there. The info is online at www.crockstar.co.uk…

I was at a formal charity sporting dinner on Saturday night in Belfast. Going by the auction’s success it’s evident that the recession still has a very tight grip on people’s spending power. The spirit of giving remains strong but compared to the last 10 years I can see a much lower levels in bids.

I’m looking forward to the next period ahead and hope to have some huge news to announce soon. Hope being my core emotion each day at the moment.

Take care…