After a relaxing festive break the factory CCM rider can’t wait to get back on it…

Let me start by saying happy New Year to everyone and that I hope you all had a great Christmas too and ate and drank far too much!

December started with hard training for me down in Devon with Dave. I was hoping to get on the bike a few times before Christmas but due to the snow I only managed to get out once. I felt fit on the bike but had a bit of arm-pump which is normal for me at this point of the year. I’ve missed riding as we’ve just focused on fitness so not to burn out on the bike mid-season. So although I only managed one day of riding it was mega getting back on it. Training has been hard and I have been pushing myself as I am determined to start next season strong, fit and 100 per cent ready to win. This time last year I had Epstein Barr without knowing it and was in such a different place mentally and physically so I’m feeling confident to win and get the results I want.


It was Jodie’s birthday this month so we went to London for the night. It was amazing – we went on the London Eye and ate in a Japanese restaurant where they cook in front of you. Suited me perfectly – delicious and very healthy. We took a walk to Covent Garden and stayed in a hotel where we had a massage and spa. As you can imagine the missus thought I was great, well until we woke up on the Sunday morning – her birthday morning – and I forgot it was her birthday so put on Sky Sports and started to watch the football. This went on until her sister called her to wish her a happy birthday – it didn’t go down well. Just my bloody luck. She forgave me after about two hours!

For Christmas we went up to Scotland to see my family and had a great time – open fire, glass of wine and great food. What more could you want? Ayrton was spoilt rotten and loved the fact that he had every toy you could imagine. My brother brought him a car so that kept him occupied for the rest of the time we were up there. The only problem was we couldn’t get it home as the car was packed with the dog as well. So he had to leave it up there for now which hasn’t gone down great! He stayed at my brother’s house for the night so was spoilt rotten by them while we got a whole night’s sleep and a lie in. That was the best Christmas gift ever. My Aunty Karen looked after us so well that we didn’t want to leave as we were so chilled so thanks for that. It took us over five hours to get home which was stressful – especially as Ayrton was awake the whole way so Jodie was sat in the back between him and the dog keeping them both occupied. I was glad I was the driver!

I got back to training two days after Christmas and for New Year we went up to stay at Jodie’s sister’s who is pregnant and was due Christmas Day but was still waiting. Her husband was not able to drink so it was going to be a nice relaxed evening of food and few drinks. Jodie kept saying that when Ayrton was in bed she was going to get wasted! Anyway, we put him down at seven and made some food, then at 9.30 the missus goes up to bed sober – so much for her crazy drinking night. Half-an-hour later her sister goes up to bed and it’s just Nick and I. It was good in a way as we watched what we wanted for a change. I stayed up to see the New Year in then went to bed (I must be old).

It was nice not waking up with a major hangover for a change on New Year’s Day. Especially as Jodie’s family were all getting together. It was a lovely day and have a feeling that 2011 is going to be a good year. I’m #2 this year and cannot wait to get started so roll on March for the first British. Also, I’m staying with Fox and Oakley which is great.

I’ve been able to get out on my bike a few times already and with each day feeling better. I’m wanting to get on the bike as much as possible now so I’m bike fit. No matter how fit you are with training you really need to be bike fit – especially if your New Year’s resolution is win, win, win!

Have a good month and once again Happy New Year…