Not content with leading the Aussie MX championship, Billy’s thinking of taking to the high seas…

Well it’s been a very productive month since last time I wrote. Things have fallen into place nicely and it feels like 2011 is gonna be a good one!

I have been training hard and most importantly eating right for once. I’ve always eaten reasonably well but this year I have really been sticking to a healthy balanced diet and cutting out everything that’s bad for you. I’m down to 79kg which is a big deal for me. For the last few years I have always been hovering around 83 to 84kg. I never knew how much of a difference it could make as I never really felt overweight or that it was holding me back but recently, going for a run or doing the motos, I feel so much lighter on the bike and I find I can push longer. Even my appetite isn’t what it used to be – I’m down to just a few small snacks during the day instead of smashing in big lunches and dinners when I hit the hunger stage!


The team for this year had some changes as Troy is now the official manager/owner and shifted the workshops from Brisbane to Toowoomba. There was a lot to do regarding set up – we had to get a new truck, new awning, new everything pretty much so making sure we were ready for the first round was cutting it tight! We had our set up ready from last year and I knew the bike was good so at least that was a weight off my mind. Meanwhile, the truck was a long ways off getting finished and there were a few long hours for the mechanics in the build up to the first round.

When we arrived at Broadford though we arrived in style! The truck looks mean in the new colours and our whole set up just felt right.  We have a full sound system in the awning and I was allowed control of the iPod for the day! We had hospitality and in general took a massive leap forward in regards to the Aussie motocross scene. Looking around the pits you could noticeably see the teams are stepping up their games, all the factory teams have semi rigs and the pits are becoming more ‘GP’ style. It’s nice though as the championship still has that Aussie mentality. Everyone is still friendly and chatty and the racing is fun.
Qualifying went okay and I finished a very close second behind Josh Coppins. I was a little upset I didn’t pole it but I figured Josh ain’t slow and he ain’t riding an Aprilia anymore! He’s probably forgot more than I know but I was close enough in times to be excited about the race.

By the time the race rolled around we had all the MX2Y and MX2 races done and dusted, now it was time for our four 15-minute sprint motos. We were sat on the line and the black clouds rolled over!  We had the choice of getting two sighting laps or one before the rain started. Everyone opted for one then got behind the gate for that start of our races. I got off to a decent top five start and made my way into the lead by the end of the first lap. The track was still dry and I pulled out a nice six-second lead and just controlled the race. I felt I was riding okay – maybe a bit tight but it was good enough for the win just as the rain started to fall. 

The next three races were mental!  When it rains here it rains hard – it doesn’t drizzle all day, it just canes it! Normally it’s over within 30 minutes but as all our races were back-to-back we had no choice but to just crack on with it! It was a proper mud race, goggles were lost, ruts were full of water, it was more survival! Lucky these Aussies don’t enjoy the mud too much so it made my day a lot easier!  I just got a good start and stayed on, didn’t push too hard and came away with the overall win! Good start to the season with an 18-point lead so everyone was happy.

We had a few things to try with the bike after the weekend though so we done some testing this week with a few new parts. I can honestly say the bike I’m riding now is one of the best bikes I’ve ever ridden. It’s on par with my ’08 CAS bike or the ’07 De Groot Kawa. I just have a good feeling with it this year and I’m so excited to ride at the moment, I’m gonna keep doing what I’m doing and make sure I’m riding as fast as I can for when I come back and do the British GP!

I’ve had a new idea this year… I have been thinking about building myself another camper to keep myself amused in the evenings/weekends. Campers are amazing over here! With the coast so close and so beautiful the common pastime when the weather is good is to head down the beach! So during my searching around for the perfect van to make a conversion, Troy called me to ask what’s up? “I’m searching for campers,” I told him and he told me to stop wasting my time and get a boat! Well I never really thought about it and now it’s all I can think about! You can pick up some unreal boats for the same price as you would spend on a camper! Now when I’m driving anywhere with water around I’m rubber-necking and drifting all over the place checking out the boats. It’s definitely planted an idea in my head so now I just gotta keep winning races and banking the bonus money so I can set sail. I hope I get round to it!

What about Jimmy Stewart then? What a champion! I’m supporting him all the way – he’s just a kid goofing around. I bet it was hilarious what he was doing! Defo a good way to beat the traffic. I remember we used to do similar things with a loud speaker out the window. People need to relax and enjoy themselves, we are caught up in a whirlpool of bulls**t sometimes and driving is probably the worst. Imagine how many people are stressing out driving to or from work. The roads are one of the worst places for aggro – which is why I’m gonna get a boat!

Have fun guys…