Gordy turns out his lights at Canada Heights but despite a trip to A&E he’s in a good place right now…

Now then! People of the Dirt Bike Rider reading world, welcome to a few moments of taking from my column your perception of the stories I tell (WTF? – SL). I must warn you now though, half the lies I tell aren’t true. Believe me.

Recently I have been laughing more than crying. It’s a good arrangement and thanks to having access to good friends and work colleagues I haven’t had to go too far from home to let the good times roll. I like what I do for a living and when I look back over the years of my career it stands out that I perform and operate at my best whenever I’m happy and stressfree in my general daily living.


Some of the stress that we suffer is all brought on by ourselves. I am guilty of that for sure. Whether it is from money or women, it is usually because I’ve put myself into a position to be exposed to the pain and stress that comes from losing either of those two desirable assets. The best way to protect yourself and safeguard your well-being is to not have anything to lose. So, I have got rid of all my women and given all my money away. Simple! Now I’m in a position where I’ve nothing to lose!
Now…to continue my life coach lecture, I’m not stating that I follow the mindset of ‘if you’re not in the game you can’t lose’. I’m in the game, that’s a fact. Probably due to the inconvenient reality that the hungry must be fed. However, let’s just say I’m a different player for now. And that is NOT some sort of hint of an announcement that I am gay. I am so NOT gay. I love women in the most non gay way you can imagine.

Moving on… My point is I’m happy and I believe that is a really important foundation to any formula for success. My bike, mechanic and team are pleasing me of late. I have no complaints and they have all exceeded my expectations. Our products are the best available and I feel very confident that we are well-equipped and prepared.
Little Silver and Canada Heights were rounds one and two of the Maxxis British championship. I’m frustrated by the race positions but realistic of why and I am working to improve the race day results. Canada Heights was about to be the beginning of that in race two but I failed to deliver due to a crash. I got knocked out and hurt my neck. The medics thought I’d broken my neck so they took every precaution to protect me. Off to hospital for x-rays proved that I had no broken bones. I was so relieved. I decided while lying in the hospital bed that if I had broken my neck that I was for sure going to retire from professional racing.

I tried to keep any injury reports reaching my mother. Since I was almost killed at Hawkstone in a start straight smash in 2009 my mum and dad stay away from bikes and we don’t discuss my races. I was more worried about my mum hearing I was in A&E with a suspected broken neck than anything. In the end she had a nosey on the mylaps website to see how I’d got on in the races and she read the race was red-flagged because of me. It was fine in the end as I was okay. Concussion was present and I suffered whiplash, cuts and bruises. All okay though…

Other news, I’m defending myself and the continuation of my practice track due to a complaining neighbour. I took the time some years ago to obtain the necessary planning permission and legal rights to use the practice track as I need it. I have had the field as a practice track for 23 years and respect the surrounding neighbours by considering unwelcome nuisance noise.

I have been trials riding a little and will do more as I find the time to do so. I introduced a close friend to bike riding and hope to see him continue to improve. I taught him first on the trials bike and then progressed onto a 250F MX bike. He did really well, blisters and bruises the only negative. His riding style is identical to how he rode his BMX when we were at school. Grasshopper legs I nicknamed him because of the funny way he stands.

I’m still running plenty and look forward to summer events and I have a couple of workshop projects moving forward, one being a retro/evo 1990 CR500 build. I have a Yamaha TY250 pinkie trials bike to do too. These are all bikes very sentimental to me. They are way at the back of the priority list but I’ll chip away at them and one day they’ll be done.

My friend Stuart Bell had a stroke and is recovering in hospital. I wish him and his family all the best. Other friends have got engaged, pregnant, divorced, beat up, bankrupt or expanded their business. Well done to you all, I wish you nothing but the best. As long as I’m happy!