Max’s rotten run of injuries continues as he crashes out in the French capital.

I was in America for about a week or so after I wrote my last column. That was when I was getting my final prep for Bercy done at home on my super-sweet SX track before I headed back once again to snowy France!

So after flying to Chicago, connecting to Brussels in Belgium and then going to the CLS workshop in Holland for a few hours, I was on my way to the university of sporting excellence where I would undertake a physical examination and a physical stress test. I showed up not really knowing what to expect and with only a few hours of good sleep leading up the test.


Nevertheless, I got on the running machine and showed everyone who the real ironman is! I ran so fast that the cheetahs couldn’t catch me but as per normal Goldmember (hopefully you have all seen Austin Powers) had a problem and said that I was too fit for how old I was and too strong too early in the season. “Bruv,” I said, “I’m just ticking over at the moment, I haven’t even started to work yet. In fact, by the time the GPs roll around I’m going to be so strong Superman will be the only bloke capable of racing me.”

After that great extravaganza I jumped in the van and my mechanic and I drove the 12 hours to Marseille. The next few days felt about minus 15 degrees and I was wearing three jumpers and two pairs of trousers just to do an hour of riding in some stubble field. The weather finally cleared up enough for me to go and get some proper riding and testing in on my new Pro Circuit Kawasaki race bike. Everything went pretty smoothly and – at the time of writing this – my bike and I are now ready for Bercy.

We’re currently driving back to Belgium where my friend Lionel (my father when I am in Belgium) will pick me up and look after me before we head to Bercy on Thursday to do battle over the weekend.

Okay, I’m in Holland again now waiting for the days to roll around for Bercy. Woody, my mechanic, did the honours and scribbled ‘Cali’ on my green machine and got her all ready for her big debut this weekend. My dad, Dev and Zoey (my little sis, she’s one) are making their grand appearances in Paris in a few days. It’s really great to have such supportive parents – dad and Dev do everything they can to help me and Zoey is the best little sister ever! She loves to watch me ride and she just learnt how to clap so she can cheer me on now too.

Almost forgot to tell you guys, before I left she said her first word which was meant to be ‘Max’ but it came out ‘Dax’ and now she says it all the time. I also Zoey-up for dance classes – I get to start taking her each Wednesday morning from now on which should be pretty cool. Disney Channel here she comes.

So it’s now after Bercy and again 2010 has proven itself to be a year of things not going to plan or working out. We got to Bercy and everything was feeling good, my bike was trick and the track looked cool although it seemed faster and less technical than in previous years. I was a little rusty after not riding for a week but heading into the night show I was ready!

At 9pm I headed into the arena, did my bit at the opening show including my amazing French speech which everyone loved and then it was time for Super Pole! No sight lap, just go FAST! As I hit the start jump I felt so smooth and found effortless speed – I nailed my lap to set the fastest time so far. I ended up finishing fifth with very little time between Barcia, Paulin, Byrne, Aranda and me. I was the fastest 250F with Musquin and Wharton a couple of seconds down.
    The next event was the Knock Out race. I got a reasonable start against the 450s with Musquin just ahead. I was coming for him and I got by Tonus, Wharton, Morris and passed Cairoli through the whoops which was pretty cool before I came onto the back wheel of Marvin. I was setting up for the pass but as I squared underneath him he slowed down and turned a little tighter. I clipped his back wheel and hit the deck! I got up fast but ran out of time and that put me to the line 11th for the Main Event.

My jump on the start was okay but I got pushed so wide on the first turn I was actually in last going down the first section. I moved fast and avoided some massive crashes to eventually find myself in sixth riding around with a gap. I was pushing hard and we had just hit the halfway mark on the lapboard when entering the tunnel my hand slipped off the bars. By the time I got it back on I had about 10 feet before a massive berm and a load of tuff blocks which I hit wide open, launching myself into orbit. Upsidedown. I tried jumping off but landed on my hands and knees straight on the concrete with the bike on top. I spread the impact through my body but still ended up with a broken kneecap.

So that was the end of that which was a bummer because if I had got on the podium I probably would have had a good chance of racing SX 2011. But now that’s probably not going to happen seeing as my team wants me to concentrate solely on the world championship which is fair enough. I just know I’m ready for the SX after a good year last year and now being on a good bike it would make it easier but oh well.

I’ve been spending the last week in the UK getting everything sorted out for next year as that’s going to be my base.  We got to see TJ – little bro Taylor – for a few days which was awesome and take him to school. He got up a 6am on Friday and had all his gear on before the sun came up just so he could get 30 minutes of riding in before school. Everyone was still sleeping but me and TJ were practising our pre-jump skills in the cold!

After a sweet weekend Jordan, my bestest old mate, came down and we went to the cinema then over to my old track in Greatley where we got everything sorted and ready for next year! We’re just about to get my little brother again for a few days before I head up to the Dirt Bike Show to do my bit, then I’m hopping on a plane back to sunny California to get myself in shape and all fixed up for the world championship!

Talk to you next month…