While most normal people are getting ready to wind down for the festive holidays, Swordy’s enjoying cranking up the training…

This month has been good as we’re back training – as mad as it sounds, a month of just taking it easy and not going to the gym sounds great but I do enjoy it when we go back. I know I will never be a person who doesn’t keep fit.

I had a mate’s birthday that I went to and Jodie and I stayed in a hotel for the night in Bristol which was lovely as we got a whole night to drink and went shopping in the mall the next day minus Ayrton. I also went to Belfast for the supercross at the last minute but didn’t race – it’s strange watching and not racing. Part of me really would have liked to have raced but I’d been off the bike for about five weeks so I was not prepared. Maybe next year?


It was a good night, even though my mates were trying to get me drunk. They think because you don’t drink all year you get wasted on a few. And they’re right! Anyway, that’s me done for another year – maybe get one more in for the New Year!

Getting back training is always hard on the body as you are rested and not used to it but it’s such a great feeling and this time of year I’m always excited for the next season. I’m cycling loads and the mountain bike cycles we do are always tough but DT drives us on and because you’re in a group it motivates you so much more. Overall, I am pleased with my progress so far and feel like I am getting fit and strong for next year.

I have done a few presentations again this year and once again the clubs have been great. It’s good to see the young riders and the commitment they put into the sport. It is such a good thing for kids as it keeps them focused and gives them a hobby, a passion for something. Everyone is always so welcoming but I have had to go to them alone as Jodie has had a few operations but she is back on the mend. She really enjoys them and chatting with the mums so she is not pleased she’s missed out.

In the off season I have got round to doing loads of jobs like sorting out my garage and I have even wallpapered the sitting room. I am Scottish so paying someone to do a job I could do myself, well that will never happen. So after a few talks with Jodie (against her wishes) I set off with the paste. Bloody hell! Never again! How hard is it, especially with the smallest pattern you could get? Overall, though, I did a good job but next time I will pay someone to do it. I’m now trying to get the house together as I’m going to have a lad’s night of pool at my house so need the bonus room done. Slowly I am getting there.

We all went up to Scotland at the weekend to see the family as I also had a presentation up there. It was great to see them all and spend time with my brother as I don’t get to see him as much as I would like. We were in luck and it snowed so Ayrton was out playing with his wellies and waterproofs.

My auntie Karen always makes it great for us and she even took Ayrton for one night so we could go for a meal and relax. Ayrton is so spoilt up there and I think for Christmas he is getting a sit-on digger as he is mad about them. We took him to Toys R Us the other day and there’s an electric MX bike. He couldn’t reach the pedals so we thought he would just sit on it for few moments but he figured out that if he leant to one side he could push the power pedal so off he went on his own around the store. It’s mad – he’s only 19 months old and can ride and steer it alone.

As Jodie always says, it’s in his blood. At first I didn’t agree but that shocked me. He looks at DBR all the time and everyone is daddy – even Bubba. God, I wish! He is motocross mad so at this rate I cannot see how I can keep him away from a bike until he is much older.

I’m doing some training schools in December so I’m really looking forward to that and I will get chance to ride also. I just wish I had more time to do them through the year – it’s cool seeing the riders at the beginning of the day and then the transformation by the end. They have so much more confidence which makes them safer and faster.

Anyway, that’s all for another month – have a great one and enjoy Christmas…