Gordon Crockard remains heavily involved in motocross through his role with the EMX150 championship – a six-round Honda-only series that’s part of Youthstream’s long-term plan to bring on the next generation of GP riders.

“Ultimately I am the coach of the series and I would be Event Manager at the actual races – I oversee everything. I deal with the riders and the mechanics and the organising at the event.


“I love it. I think it’s a brilliant championship and a great opportunity for youth riders to learn and basically get themselves a career. The winner gets a fully-sponsored ride on the Honda EMX 250 team.

“If they go into that team and do well there’s no doubt about it, they will 100 per cent be a professional racer the following year. If a boy has the desire and the talent and comes and rides in our championship there’s a golden opportunity to have a career.

“That takes up seven weekends of the year where we have six rounds and one training camp. So that’s what I’ve been doing for the last three years and going into 2016 that will be year four.”