Max has been hanging out in Marseille but didn’t get to hang it out at Valence. Still, once the season gets going he’ll get plenty of opportunities…

Getting back into the sand was really fun – after all the testing and motos my bike is feeling great and I’m ready to race. I had loads of fun in Belgium and even spent a few days at the RC car track just down the road from where I’m staying.

Lionel (my friend I’m staying with here) has also got a little team and we went to a local race. It was just like going to a Portsmouth club race and bought back loads of memories of when I was on a 50cc. It was really cool to go. The next day we were out at Lommel and Jeffrey showed up to have a play. We ended up putting a really good show on for all the spectators watching and started rubbing some plastic for five laps.


Then it was time to head down to Valence in the South of France. Unfortunately, it wasn’t on the agenda for me to race so I had to watch but it was nice for me to see some of my Euro buddies. I did loads of interviews while I was there and helped a few kids out with some lines. So Valence was okay but it would have been better if I could have ridden!

The day after Valence I headed to the CLS Kawasaki photoshoot which was sweet! I did massive whips and scrubs so they got loads of cool pictures and then I had to slip on a Ben Townley jersey and hop on the big 450 to do some wheelies. Ben broke his jaw not too long ago so I had to do his poster picture! Ha ha ha – hope he likes it. After the pictures were all done we headed back to Marseille where we cleaned everything up and I went to bed.

I’ve been working really hard to stay on my programme while down here in Marseille but it’s difficult because I’m rooming with the mechanics who are working until 1am on the bikes so they are up late and I’ve been finding it difficult to sleep. They eat pizza for breakfast as well! I’m trying hard though – I ride and I race because I want to win! That’s it. I wake up at 5am so I can work to be better every day.

Changing the subject now… I’m actually on my very last school book! When I finish this one I am completely done. In June when I get my cap and gown like in the movies I will put a pic in for my column!

The other day JJ, the owner of team CLS Kawasaki, actually got us VIP tickets to the Manchester United vs Marseille football match. It was an amazing atmosphere in the stadium but the score was 0-0 so that was the only rubbish thing.

For the last few days before heading down to our first international at La Cappelle I got a hotel room so I could do my own thing a bit more. To be honest after all the advice I got in the week leading up to it I felt like I was riding slower than normal but you know everything can’t be perfect and the international races are just a good warm-up.

So I didn’t feel best prepared and I proved to myself that my preparation does make a huge difference. Being organised and in control frees your mind and without my preparation I ended up on the floor again. I’m learning – even if it is the hard way. This week coming up I am getting my body ready to ride again and doing my homework for the next race in Sommieres.

Don’t forget to message me on or email me at if you want to join in on our Anstie Training School happening on April 16 in England near Andover. It’s going to be a great day of working on all skills that you can then take home with you and work on yourself to improve your riding every time you go out. See you there!

Cheers and I’ll talk to you next month…