The double disappointments of Little Silver and Hawkstone only serve to make Swordy dig even deeper…

It’s been a pretty crazy month with it all starting down in sunny Devon at Little Silver. Yep, round one of the British was finally upon us. This was the race I had been training all winter for, all those miles in the cold and rain on my bicycle and all those laps I had put in on the CCM. It was time to see how ready everyone really was…

The track was in perfect condition, much faster and drier than it was in 2010. I woke up that morning and in my head I was going for the win although I wouldn’t be too disappointed with a podium. It never crossed my mind or anyone else’s in the team that I would start with two DNFs.


I have to say it was a shock and not the start anyone wants at the first round. I was riding good all day and felt strong on the bike so that was a positive. In the third race I only had one thing on my mind and that was to win – second would not be good enough. I won the race and got the 25 points I needed. Without the two DNFs it would have been such a different day but this is motocross and anything can happen.

The next race I had was the Hawkstone Park International. I always try to do this race as it’s good to get race time. I went up on the Sunday morning but from the moment I woke up I knew I wasn’t right. I had such a bad stomach all night and turning up to be told how sh*t I looked really wasn’t the start I wanted! I felt I was riding fast but couldn’t ride at all by the last race due to feeling so ill. It really annoyed me as I knew I could have done well normally.

Jodie and I went for a scan to check the baby – she has to be scanned every two weeks and all is great and the baby is growing perfectly. We even found out the sex but it’s top secret until August! Ayrton is getting excited about having a little brother or sister although when we told him to come and feel the baby kick he jumped up and kicked Jodie’s stomach. We had to laugh as he thought that was what we meant – luckily it was not hard. Let the fighting begin!

I have been focusing on my training off the bike and have been doing a lot of swimming. After I finish my laps I take Ayrton which is mega as he loves the water, He is such a water baby and can swim on his own with armbands. He dives in into the deep end and swims all on his own. The only problem is he still hasn’t understood danger so would happily do it with no armbands!

I was really looking forward to racing at Canada Heights, especially with what happened at Little Silver. I watched it on TV and that was good as it really pissed me off so I wanted it even more than ever. The first race I got off to an okay start but was not happy as I didn’t win. I got out the gate fifth, came through to second and was closing in on Simpson and by the end of the race I was fighting to pass him but a few backmarkers stopped me on the last lap so second it would be.

The second race had to be red flagged as Pourcel had a nasty crash. Once it restarted I took the holeshot and was gone, pulling an eight-second lead. I was riding well and felt smooth then I made a stupid mistake which ended in a massive crash. Thankfully I wasn’t hurt but by the time I got back up I just had to put my head down and do what I could but the damage had been done. I ended up 10th as it was red flagged once again.

As for the last race, I gated fourth around the first corner so had to work my way up again, got into second and once again came close to passing Simpson. Overall on the day I got third so considering how bad race two was I was pleased to be on the podium.

On a lighter note, it’s Ayrton’s second birthday this month so he’s having a massive party and Jodie has invited 30 children! It’s going to be hell but I think Ayrton will love it. He is getting an outside playhouse – I have to do the base as it cannot sit on grass. More labour! I have also been told I have to fence off part of the garden and make it into Ayrton’s play area with no dogs allowed. God it never gets easier but now the missus is pregnant I would have to have a death wish if I complained so my spare time is taken care of!

Anyway, that’s it for this month – let’s hope next month is a good one…