For the first instalment of this brand-new series TooFast Max checks out Washbrook Farm Motocross in ‘Track Attack’…

Washbrook Farm is a very welcoming family-run practice facility that is open for riding every Saturday and most Wednesdays in the school holidays (weather depending).

A relatively scenic track that passes through a small wooded section of the property and features well kept and groomed grass paddock, viewing and picnic areas to ensure the whole family has a pleasant time whilst you are out shredding some laps.


The Washbrook Farm soil is quite peculiar. The gravel based loamy sand that is native to the area is mix of light sand and hardpack that can rut/cut up nicely after a moist week and a good watering, but it can also become fairly hard-packed after a long bake in the sun. Quite possibly the only negative with this track is the amount of small stones found in this soil – that roost can sting like a mother but it can’t be helped as this it is just the nature of the earth in this particular corner of the globe but on the upside this means that the track drains well and is open all year round!

The track is freshly graded and watered (if needed) every week ensuring that riders find the best conditions possible when they arrive to ride. The Washbrook Farm team keep on top of the track conditions meaning that jumps and jump faces are always well kept and safe.

The main track doesn’t feature many obstacles or features of great technicality or difficulty to challenge most experienced riders, meaning that the track can be very welcoming for novice riders and beginners. However the circuit does flow very nicely resulting in a fun ride for any rider of any ability.

The facility boasts exceptional facilities with a huge barn that houses a dedicated workshop with mechanic – so if you happen to break something you can simply wheel the bike into the workshop and get it looked at – used bike sales as well as the on site gear and parts shop that is always well stocked with everything and anything that you might need. You’ll also find some brand spanking new TMs in the shop as Washbrook Farm is an official TM agent. As well as all this, Washbrook Farm offers its own catering van that is open every weekend for all of your burger based needs.

Safety is a key priority at Washbrook Farm with a dedicated team of marshals, first aiders and well-trained medics at the track at all times when bikes are turning laps.

To add to the main circuit, Washbrook also offers a decent sized kid’s track for the young ones as well an oval track for the beginners just learning to ride. This is an area that Washbrook Farm are experts in as they offer riding lessons from an ACU registered coach (that being James Welcher, the son of the Washbrook Farm Godfather John Welcher) as well as full bike and kit hire at very reasonable prices. That means that Washbrook Farm is able to cater for the average civilian walking off the street with a slight interest in motocross and transform them into a moto junkie!

To top it all off, a very nice (for an MX track anyways) toilet block is available for use as well as relatively inexpensive jet wash facilities to ensure that you go home all cleaned up after a good days moto-ing.

I think it is safe to say that Washbrook Farm MX track may just be the friendliest circuit in the UK, the family is very welcoming and always have time to say hello and have a chat. It all adds together to ensure a fun day at the track.


  • Difficulty – not too technical
  • Fun factor – pretty damn fun
  • Facilities – everything and more
  • Overall DBR score – to quote a certain Austrian movie star, ‘we’ll be back!’

Washbrook Farm Motocross Track Essential Info

  • Location: Doddington (near March), Cambridgeshire PE15 0TY
  • Length: Approximately 2,000 metres
  • Groups: Usually three – Experts, Novice and Kids
  • Prices: Adults £30, Kids £25, Autos £20
  • Website:
  • Surface: Gravel based loamy sand
  • Shop: Yes
  • Catering: Yes
  • Kids track: Yes
  • Bike Hire: Yes
  • Coaching: Yes
  • Jet Wash: Yes
  • Toilets/wash block: Yes
  • Opening times: Saturday 11am- 4pm and occasional Wednesdays in school holidays
  • Difficulty: Low to medium
  • Enjoyment factor: High
  • Suitability: All riders
  • Session length: 20 minutes
  • Groups: Three (Kids, Novice/intermediate, Experts)

If you wanna hitch a ride with Max around Washbrook Farm check out his POV edit below…

Note: Details correct at the time of publication. Please check with the track owner before you travel.

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