After his horrific Paris crash Weston Peick is facing mounting medical costs and now needs your help to get him home. Road 2 Recovery has stepped in but more financial assistance is needed.

Peick has undergone his first surgery at the hospital he was transported to after the collision at the U Arena last Saturday – the opening night of Paris Supercross 2018.

The initial surgery was to fix the multiple nose, eye and other facial fractures including two breaks in his jaw and dual dislocation of the jaw bone from his skull. Peick was kept heavily sedated to help relieve the extreme pain from his injuries and surgery.


His father Louie, fiancée Kelly, and mechanic Travis are with him as he recovers from his first surgery.

Doctors have confirmed no brain or spinal damage has occurred but we should be under no illusions as to the seriousness of his condition – Weston’s injuries are reported to be extensive but thankfully he is expected to make a full recovery.

Road 2 Recovery report that Weston is now awake but is being kept under minor sedation which will help him manage the tremendous pain he is in. Phase two of his treatment will determine the timeline for his second surgery.

The language barrier is understandably making the recovery process a bit more difficult on everyone but transporting Peick home at this stage is not a safe option which means he will need to stay in France for his second surgery – a long and expensive process.

Road 2 Recovery say Weston is expected to have his second surgery in the next week and hopefully will be transferred back the US 10 days post-op so the family are looking at early December before they can have him back home.

The total cost to transport Peick back home to the states is projected around $104,000, this figure does not include the bills from his expected three weeks (and more) in the hospital.

Peick’s towering medical bills will not be 100 per cent covered by his international and US insurance policies. Weston, who is a longtime supporter of Road 2 Recovery, now needs of our support.

Road 2 Recovery says a grant has been approved which will contribute to the funds needed to get Weston back home. But the medical bills are projected to be far greater than his insurance and the Road 2 Recovery grant can cover. A R2R-Fund has been set up to get him back home. You can help support Weston by making a donation here. All funds raised will go towards his substantial medical bills and the medical air transport.

The Peick family’s main goal is to get Weston back home to the States as safely as possible so he can get back to doing what he loves most, racing. Weston’s road back to racing will be a long and difficult one – but one that will be achievable with the support from family, friends, and fans.

Any contribution towards Peick’s R2R-Fund is greatly appreciated and will go a long way. He and his family are very grateful for all the love, prayer and positive thoughts everyone has sent his way.

At the time of writing the fund was at 6 per cent of the goal and you can donate here.

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