Weston Peick is still in a Paris Intensive Care Unit but is reportedly recovering well after undergoing his second surgery in France. Road 2 Recovery revealed the update on Peick’s fundraising page.

Peick’s surgery at one of Europe’s largest hospitals, the Hôpital Pitié-Salpêtrière, ran longer than expected due to the extensive trauma to and around his eyes and nose.

Although the second surgery took seven hours, Peick’s doctors said it was a success. They repaired all the damage he sustained in the horrific crash at Paris Supercross and expect to remove his tracheostomy tube as early as today (Tuesday, November 27).


With the surgery declared a success with no complications, the next significant step will be to remove the tracheostomy tube. Once this is removed Peick will be cleared for non-medical assisted air transport. Weston may now be able to look forward to a possible release date as early as this Friday (November 30) if he meets all release requirements.

If Peick is cleared for non-assisted commercial air transport that will be at a fraction of the expected cost say Road 2 Recovery.

Once he’s back in California, Peick will still have a long road to a full recovery. His Paris surgeons say the damage he sustained to his right eye will require treatment from a specialist and he will need another less invasive nose surgery once the swelling has gone down.

Road 2 Recovery report that Peick has had some of the best care possible while in France and has complemented the quick response of Eric Peronnard and everyone involved with the Paris Supercross.

Weston’s father, Louie Peick, and fiancée Kelly would like to thank everyone that has donated to his cause and have sent positive messages and prayers. With this support for Weston, it’s one less thing that they will have to focus on.

The fundraising effort for Weston now stands at almost $39,000. We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available on Peick’s recovery.

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